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  • Supermodel Kate Upton helps launch Skullcandy's new ad campaign

    Skullcandy Supermodels
    Uber-famous supermodel Kate Upton seems to be everywhere lately, and men around the world are rejoicing.

    Case in point: headset and earbuds maker Skullcandy recently launched their newest ad campaign, dubbed "Model Mondays," which will star Upton and fellow models Chrissy Teigen, Jessica Stam, and Chanel Iman. All of the ladies will be designing their own aviator headphones, and Skullcandy will feature each model on their website every week of September.

    To check out some photos of the ladies click on photo gallery above.
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  • Skullcandy Roc Nation Aviator x The Ting Tings

    Skullcandy, no stranger to collaborations, has yet another one for the books with the newest Roc Nation Aviator headphone collab. with the band the Ting Ting's .

    The British electro-pop duo, with hits like "That's Not My Name", "Shut Up And Let Me Go" and "Hands", The band and Skullcandy's joint partnership with Roc Nation produced the limited edition artsy black and red splash effect on a glossy white shell with Roc Nation's logo and The Ting Ting's signature.

    After 2 years since their last album the Ting Ting's upcoming album "Hang It Out", will be available for free to accompany the release of their Roc Nation Aviator.

    Get yours HERE.

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  • Mick Fanning's signature audible hoodie by Rip Curl/Skullcandy

    What better way to cruise the streets, beach, trails; then to have the soundtrack to your life blastin in your ears.
    Pro Surfer Mick Fanning collabs with Rip Curl and Skullcandy to create the ultimate hoodie, to do just that.

    Video below is Fanning filmed in NYC showin off the goods.

    Available at limited specialty retailers nationwide.

    For more information go here www.ripcurl.com/fanningcollab and here www.skullcandy.com/fanningcollab

    Costa Mesa, CA-(November 9, 2011): Rip Curl and Skullcandy teamed up to rally around mutual team rider and 2x ASP World Champion, Mick Fanning, to launch the first Signature Audio-Enabled Hoodie, boasting two removable speakers in the hood. The hoodie, designed and developed from start to finish with Mick's input, is a lightweight fleece with an MP3 player pocket plug-in, and is a true reflection of Mick's taste.

    "Being able to work with my different sponsors to collaborate around a unique product to the market has been really exciting," Fanning said regarding the collaboration. "I hope people dig the hoodie and dial in a good soundtrack for while they wear it!"

    The campaign was shot on location in New York City by Steve Sherman this past September amidst the packet streets near Times Square. The video and full photo gallery can be viewed on the product website: www.ripcurl.com/fanningcollab

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  • Skullcandy X Dolce Gabbana

    Skullcandy headphones have always mixed fashion and function and now they are throwing some High fashion into the mix.

    They were originally spotted on the Fall runways in Milan and will be released in a limited edition.

    "Skullcandy has always blended fashion into our design process," Clarke Miyasaki, VP Business Development, Skullcandy stated. "We look forward to the growth potential of this collection with D&G."

    High Fashion does not mean extremely high prices (they range from $50-$200).

    You can check out the entire line and purchase them HERE

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  • 20 Things you don't know about me: Kimmy Fasani

    Kimmy Fasani charges. Plain and simple.

    Whether in the backcountry or the park, this Mammoth native accomplishes whatever she sets out to do. Her dedication and drive are palpable and each season she pushes progression for herself and for the sport as a whole.

    Last season, Kimmy filmed full-time with Standard Films and boasts one of the only female parts in this year's highly anticipated TB20. Her historic part includes one of the first double backflips ever to be stomped by a female.

    She was also named Ms. Superpark Standout for her tireless efforts, courage and consistency at Snowboarder Mag's Ms. Superpark. This earned her an invite to the men's event at Mt. Bachelor, where she stepped it up and sent it right along side the dudes.

    While you may have known some of this, you most definitely didn't know any of this. Kimmy Fasani checks in with latest edition of 20 things you don't know about me.

    Take it away Kimmy!

    1. Happiness, positive people, good friends... These are all essentials to a good life.

    2. I am an outdoor addict... I love biking and hiking in the summer, and in the fall I spend countless hours in the gym making sure my body is tuned up for the winter.

    3. Mountains are my life- any mountain, anywhere and I'll be wearing a smile.

    4. My fiance, Chris Benchetler, is my favorite skier. He has taught me so much about the backcountry and has been my rock through all of life's twists.

    5. The Olympics are a way to celebrate our passion for sports with every country around the world.....I secretly wish I could make the 2014 US team for slopestyle.

    6. Cooking and cleaning are two things that calm me down and make me happy! Weird I know!

    7. My favorite snowboard trip of all-time was filming in the Whistler backcountry last season with DC teammates Devun Walsh and Iikka Backstrom.

    8. Summer is my time to regroup, workout, and get a tan. This year has been mellow and I have just been biking and hiking a lot in Mammoth... but my upcoming 2 months are a little hectic though. I will be in New Zealand at the end of August with DC. I'm getting married in September, heading to Africa for my honeymoon, and then it's premiere season.. then winter again!

    9. I am inspired by the riding styles of Devun Walsh, Nicolas Muller, Iikka Backstrom, Jake Blauvelt... Those guys have a natural fluid style that just makes snowboarding look fun and effortless.

    10. Snowboarding for a living is a dream come true.

    11. This year I learned how to do double backflips in the backcountry and park. This trick was so mentally challenging and so fun at the same time.

    12. When I'm not snowboarding, I love soaking up the sun on a beach in any tropical destination.

    13. If I wasn't a pro snowboarder, I'd probably be doing something in medicine... Possibly a doctor or nurse.. I'm amazed by the human body.

    14. I tend to be impatient when it comes to getting things done, when I want something, I try to make it happen immediately.... The snowboarding lifestyle has taught me a lot about going with the flow, being patient and not rushing things.

    15. When I am snowboarding my shuffle is usually mixed with Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Rolling Stones, Tupac, and maybe some Britney Spears.

    16. I'm hoping to stay healthy and focus my energy on filming in the backcountry again this season.

    17. I don't like spiders. I get the chills when I see one.

    18. If I am trying a trick that's been a challenge to dial in, I typically find one song that keeps me focused and put it on repeat until the contest or film session is over.

    19. I've had too many injuries to list. Broken pelvis and dislocated elbow- Those were painful!

    20. In the spring of 2010 I accidentally burned my snowmobile down in the Whistler backcountry... That was embarrassing.

    Thanks to my sponsors:

    DC, Zeal, Skullcandy, Clif Bar, Mammoth Mountain, Mimi's Cookie Bar, Snowcreek Athletic Club.
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