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  • Today in BMX

    Some text-like news. Daniel Dhers won the Simpel Summer Session in ESTONIA.

    Ryan Sher has a nice bike check on ride probably from the Japan Trip.

    And Kyle Hart rides professionally for Subrosa now. Go Subrosa!

    My verdict for today... too many videos in BMX. Please stop the web edits!

    Levi's Clip of the Week - Nathan Williams Mix - More BMX Videos

    Mark Webb Total BMX - More BMX Videos

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  • A Weekend of BMX

    It has felt like a week since I have been in this office. But in reality it was three days. Of fun.

    The video attached to this blog is a few clips of mAndrew and I from the weekend. Enjoy...

    Subrosa has a photo flipbook up on their site from their Japan trip and many other things on their site worth checking, so click the link because Ryan always has something interesting up there.

    Famed BMX website GRINDSTATE is back up and running... let's see what happens this time...

    I'll be honest. I voted hardcore for this video. T-Nez is the nicest dude, has dialed nose manuals, what more do you want?

    Harry Main and Jeremiah Smith almost make me hate riding because they take it to a level that seems so impossible to achieve. Regardless, these guys are the definition of talent so watch these clips from Woodward...

    The Metal dudes are crazy... Albie is no exception. Here is his youtubed part from Dead Bang...

    Simple took a Euro trip to produce this web video. WATCH IT. I was reluctant to watch just another web video but this isn't just another web video. Who are these dudes? Mad style. Mad tricks. Get at it...

    Here is a fun little edit of Chris Childs riding a new bowl at the Haven Skatepark. Where is this? If you live there, get at it...

    Road Fools 17 trailer... you know what to do...

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  • August Fourth Video Dump

    The week after X Games is always a tiring one. You get more than your fill of action sports, but then, to your surprise, they keep on happening. It's weird. The X Games is just finished and you are overwhelmed with photos and videos and news and while you are doing that... Subrosa goes to Japan, Mutiny plans a premiere for their upcoming video, Mike Escamilla is doing grind loops for TV, Levi's holds a skatepark demo that I went to, and web videos are still dropping. And they are dropping, in fact, more than usual. GAH! Just pick and choose folks...

    Do you like the Kink team? Well, if you don't I do not know what is wrong with you because Chris Doyle, Sean Sexton, Darryl Tocco, and James Steele are on it. AND in this video they are touring Canada during that recent big BMX craze Canada had with the 10pack tour and Macneil and Animal also doing things... watch it.

    Scott Ditchburn is an amazing rider from the UK who rides "FLOW" for Subrosa Bikes and also rides for Odessa Footwear and his crew, DUB bmx. I don't know what to say about this guy, just watch the video...

    I went to the Levi's/Tilly's BMX Demo at the Etnies Skatepark in Lake Forest on Sunday... I got some clips that I should put up in the future but for most of the demo I was too busy riding the bowl myself (SO FUN), so here are clips from VitalBMX and rideBMX...

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  • Subrosa... Bikes

    Subrosa bikes. Alright guys, I know I may be a little biased because I ride Subrosa Pandora bars and the frame, and Sher and Tran are men, but Subrosa is doing things right now. Sorry there has been post after post about them, but it has all been for good reason. So, here is the ultimatum to all that sh!t...

    BMX Union did an interview with Ryan Sher about Subrosa and has various pictures and words about the latest and greatest from this company. Here's the interview and check the gallery for the photos...

    "I've been getting quite a few requests to do these ' On The Horizon' pieces again, so I'm on it. Subrosa
    has been in the game for a few years now and it doesn't appear to be
    slowing down. Ryan Sher has been keeping busy with everything, and I
    figure it was time to get the low down on what they have going
    on. Check out some words from Ryan along with some photos.

    Subrosa has been going strong for a few years now. When and how was
    the company started exactly? What was your biggest motivation for
    starting your own brand?

    Yeah Subrosa is in its 3rd year of making products now. We started in
    2006, Ronnie and I were in L.A. looking at my bike and he said ' How
    cool would it be if we made everything on your bike?' Next came ' Let's
    do it!' Hahaha, I was pumped, I always wanted to start a company, and
    this was the chance of a lifetime at the perfect time. The biggest
    motivation for me was the ability to start from scratch, and go in any
    direction we wanted too.

    Where is Subrosa based out of these days? Any plans for expansion anytime soon?

    It's out of Sparky's Distribution in Orlando, Florida. I recently moved
    here last week to work in office more, and to get rid of the
    inconvenience of different time zones.

    Who are the people behind Subrosa, from product design, graphic
    design, web, accounting, to the guy who gets your coffee in the

    Subrosa is out of Sparky's Distribution, so our staff works on all the
    brands here! Ronnie B, Greg Lanthorne and I do the specs, design,
    artwork, and marketing. The sales department is Super Dave, Mike and J.
    Rod. Brooke handles soft goods and warranties, Chip is our all around
    computer master. Mr. B. handles the cash, and Mark and Eddie hold down
    the warehouse. Ashley runs office, and makes a damn good pot of coffee
    in the morning. Even Ronnie's nephew Austin comes in and scans
    magazines and clips out some products in Photoshop for us.

    What is a typical day like for you these days? Do you miss the ' pro
    life' where you focused only on riding and those responsibilities?

    Well lately the days aren't too typical. I just moved to Orlando, Fl to
    work in-house at Subrosa. The only thing that is typical in my day is
    coffee in the morning and whiskey at night. The rest of the day can go

    Living here, I'll basically be doing all the same work I was doing from
    Portland as far as design, specs, artwork, but with out the
    inconvenient 3 hour time difference. With all the deadlines we have it
    really got in the way at times, so we'll be able to get things done
    more quickly, which leaves time to develop more products.

    To me I still live the ' pro-life' . I can go riding whenever I want, and
    I have a dream job! I love what I do, and not everyone can say that.

    It seems like you have kept that ' Black and White' image you
    originally planned on going. What are some goals you have for the
    coming months and years?

    Oh yeah, Subrosa is black and white, but we will be adding color from
    time to time to compliment our line. We will probably do a new ' Guest'
    color a few times a year. Sometime it will be more prominent than
    others, but it will never take over our constant theme of black and

    Our goal is to continue to produce complete bikes and aftermarket
    frames and parts at a high standard of quality, while staying true to
    BMX. I feel as a brand, we have to showcase BMX and not exploit it.

    What do you got for new products coming out? What's the deal with
    the twin top tube you guys showed off not too long ago? Anything else
    that hasn't already been talked about you can at least hint at?

    Subrosa is in the process of developing Hoang Tran's first Villicus
    signature frame, and grips. This bike is gunna be so sick! We're also
    working on some interesting paint schemes for it too.

    The Pandora DTT frame was a combination of experimenting with an old
    idea, and the fact that we wanted to make something that looked
    different. If you go to a skatepark and everyone is on a flat black
    bike with no stickers, you're going to know who's on that Subrosa. We
    didn't do the Pandora DTT frame to change BMX, we did it for fun, and
    it worked. It flat out looks awesome! It's going to be shipping soon.

    Subrosa has a new stem, a new pivotal post, and a sprocket in testing
    right now. We're working on a cranks set, and a few other things, but
    we just in the first stages of those.

    It seems like a lot of companies have been starting their own
    separate parts brands. Do you have any plans of starting a parts brand
    to go along with Subrosa? Do you have any other plans on products
    outside of BMX; I know you got that fixed gear now, anything else?

    As far as parts go, we will not be starting a separate brand for them.
    We do now, and will continue to make parts under the Subrosa name, but
    first and foremost we are a bike brand. We also are a part of American
    Mentality, the parent company that owns The Shadow Conspiracy, and the
    have every riders needs covered as far as parts go.

    The Malum Fixed Gear is our first attempt at something ' outside' of
    BMX, but it still has a very BMX attitude about it. It's got a lot of
    feature of our aftermarket BMX frames incorporated into it. We've had a
    huge positive response towards the Malum Fixed so we added an
    additional colorway for next season.

    What about the soft goods and other bits and pieces you guys got.
    Does Subrosa have a new line of tee's and stuff coming out anytime soon?

    We just released our Spring/Summer line a few months ago, and we are
    working on our Back To School line now. We've added a few new thing
    like a belt, trucker hat, and switched all the shirts, and sweatshirts
    to American Apparel. That line will be available mid-July.

    What's the team looking like these days from pro to flow and just
    people you hook up? Any changes lately? What do you look for when
    considering a rider to sponsor or hook up?

    Well the news about Eli Platt has dropped now. He left the team on
    super good terms, to pursue his schooling full time. Eli felt he
    couldn't focus on school 100% if he was always leaving on trips, and
    other responsibilities that come along with being sponsored. We will
    not be replacing him, but simply filling the spot on the team left by
    him. There're a few riders in the talks now. Any new riders have to
    really mesh well with the other guys on the team, and have a good

    Do you have any trips with the team planned at all anytime soon? What about filming for a video or anything along those lines?

    We have ' The Get Used To It' DVD in the works now. We're planning a lot
    of overseas trips starting in July with going to Japan. This will be
    our second trip for the video, the first being Colombia. Get Used To It
    will have sections from our Pro team, a Skeleton Crew section, and an
    overseas riders section.

    What if somebody has an issue with one of your products. who should
    they contact to work out a warranty issue? What kind of turn around
    time can people expect if they send in something?

    Subrosa has a quick and easy solution to the warranty woes. We have a simple form to fill out on www.sparkysdistribution.com, in the warranty info tab. If they fill that out, it's super easy, and is usually handled in less than a week.

    If somebody has a general question about Subrosa who should they
    contact? How about if a shop or distributor would like to pick
    up Subrosa products whom should they contact?

    info@subrosabrand.com, Ashley will point them in the right direction."
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  • Rich Hirsch Off Subrosa

    Apparently, this is not as big to most as it is to me...

    Rich Hirsch, owner of Lotek/Fremont, parted ways with his 3-year sponsor Subrosa Bikes and there has not been any reason given, but it seems there was no drama built up over the matter.

    from Ryan: "After a fun 3 years, Rich Hirsch and Subrosa have parted ways. Myself and everyone here at Subrosa wish him the best!"

    Maybe Rich wishes to just ride whatever parts he wants or maybe there is a surprising sponsor switch for the near future. Regardless, Subrosa and I myself wish Rich all the best in his future endeavors and hope Subrosa has their eye out for some more team riders. Sher has good taste in talented little kids...
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