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  • Meet Sarah from the new Surfing magazine swimsuit issue

    Surfing magazine is getting ready to drop their annual swimsuit issue--a tradition that has very little to do with surfing yet somehow has everything to do with it. As such, they will be periodically releasing new little video clips introducing the models one by one, leading up to the April 2 unveiling. Everyone, meet Sarah.

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  • Meanwhile, Down Under: a sneak peek at Surfing magazine's swimsuit issue

    Nobody spends more time with bikini-clad beauties than surfers. In fact, some have even argued that the whole surfing act is nothing but a mating dance being performed for those beauties on the beach. The males, all bare chested and bronzed, are merely competing for attention with their intricate dance on the water. They even flirt with danger in order to prove they have all the bravery, strength and skill of a good suitor. Remarkably, evidence even seems to support this theory. Take Kelly Slater, the world's best surfer, whose longtime girlfriend, Kalani Miller, isn't just gorgeous, she owns her own swimsuit company.

    So it really shouldn't really surprise us that the best "Swimsuit Issue" in the world is actually published by the boys at Surfing magazine. In fact, the Surfing magazine crew is just back from a grueling trip to Australia, where summer is in full swing and sunscreen is in short supply. It looks like some tough work. And while they're recovering from their dog days Down Under, you can take a sneak peek behind the scenes.

    Take a look at Surfing Magazine's photo gallery
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  • Surfing magazine offers first peek at anticipated swimsuit issue

    It's that time of year again--the boys over at Surfing magazine have been working hard on their much anticipated swimsuit annual, and now they're offering us the first peek. For this year's swimsuit issue, Australia's East Coast is the backdrop for the scantily clad ladies, and since the Southern hemi is in the middle of summer, everything about this was hot:

    Photos by Duncan Macfarlane; see the whole gallery over here.
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  • Daily Grind: Surfing magazine announces Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge

    Surfing magazine has announced the second annual Steep and Deep Pipeline Photo Challenge, which is being held in memory of Sion Milosky, a big-wave surfer who drowned at surf spot Mavericks in 2011. "Sion was an extraordinarily talented and humble family man. His unparalleled bravery in big waves and his first passion, charging Pipeline, made a lasting impact on the greater surf world. Steep and Deep celebrates the commitment that Sion embodied by rewarding the surfer and photographer who link up for the best water photograph of the winter from Pipeline or Backdoor," Surfing wrote. Photographers and surfers have from Nov. 10 until Feb. 10 to shoot the two famous Hawaiian waves, and all surfers and photographers, regardless of magazine or brand affiliation, are eligible to enter. The winners will receive $2,500 each from Vans, and Vans will match the winnings by donating $5,000 to the Sion Milosky Memorial Fund, which was set up to help Milosky's wife and two young children. To learn more about the contest and how to enter, click here.

    Photo courtesy Surfing, Jimmicane
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  • Daily Grind: Surfing magazine unveils December wallpaper

    If you're an office slave you might find yourself sporadically clicking to your desktop to look at your wallpaper of some far off place that makes you wax nostalgic for a vacation you've never taken. If this is the case, you're in luck--Surfing magazine has just released the perfect shots to fantasize over while you're pretending to work: their December wallpaper gallery. The option below is of surfer Seth Moniz by Surfing photo editor Jimmicane. Click here to look at all the wallpaper options, or click the photo below.

    Photo courtesy Surfing, Jimmicane; click the photo to see all the wallpaper options
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