10 Years of X Dance

Every winter for the past 10 years, The Industry has traveled to Park City Utah to celebrate Action Sports Filmmaking. X Dance got underway yesterday and concludes with the closing ceremony and award shows on Tuesday.
This six day festival serves not only as a way for the top new films to be showcased but as a way for independent filmmakers to make their mark in the Industry.

A few months back we did a spotlight on a couple of filmmakers from Ohio, Dan and Ken Mizicko, well they submitted their Long Weekend film to X Dance and got accepted. The Film show’s today at 5:10pm, if the people who decide the awards have any common sense or know what they are talking about, the StuckinOhio crew can go home as award winning filmmakers.

This years X Dance has some interesting films being reviewed, here is a short list of the films I am really excited about.

  • LAST PARADISE – In the remote wilderness of New Zealand, when necessity was the mother of invention, a maverick bunch of kids concocted a dream which they would one day share with the world. Through 45 years of stunning original footage we relive the journey of extreme sports pioneers on the roads less traveled, to paradises which have long since gone. But for one.

Written, produced and directed by Clive Neeson. Edited by Brough Johnson & Katrina Jones.

  • FIBERGLASS AND MEGAPIXELS – Fiberglass and Megapixels sheds light on Hawaii’s North Shore winter surfing scene and finds the true beauty within the over crowded image gathering free for all. The surfing industry relies on these inspiring pictures from Hawaii to sell the surfing lifestyle and Fiberglass and Megapixels goes deep as top surfers, photographers and cinematographers share their perspective on what it takes and what it means to get the shot and live the surfing dream.

Produced and Directed by Derek Hoffmann and Craig Hoffmann. Sandy Beach Productions.

  • LONG WEEKEND -Long weekend is a multi-sport film showcasing the determination and creativity of riding in the Midwest. It’s uniqueness captures the will of a chosen few who refuse to be limited by their surroundings.

Produced and Directed by Dan Mizicko

  • SHANE & THE MCCONKEY’S-Four days in March at home with ski legend Shane McConkey, a family man pursuing his passions. It’s a snapshot in time presented to those who loved him. A week later he’s gone.

Producer/Director/Editor: Zeke Piestrup

I would sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about if I didn’t mention the film which should would the weekends biggest award, Modern Collective the newest film from Poor Specimen Productions and Kai Neville. I have personally seen this film more than a couple times, and will watch a couple more.

Lastly to celebrate 10 years of X Dance, Filmmaking Legend Warren Miller will be honored with a well-deserved lifetime achievement award at the closing ceremony on Tuesday.
Check back next week as we dissect the awards from the 10th X Dance.