4 Valentine’s Day date ideas to get outside

Valentine's Day
Skip the pricey prix fixe meal for a romantic date outdoors. Photo: Bastian Sander/Flickr
Valentine’s Day has become another holiday laden with expectation. Whether you’re single or happily taken, planning for the day can cause anxiety.

It doesn’t have to be that way since there are so many options to have a stress-free, low-cost and super romantic date.

The answer is to take it outside to the great outdoors.

Here are four date ideas to shake up your Valentine’s Day routine and impress your date in the process.

Go on an evening picnic

Buy some pre-made sandwiches or pick up some small bites for a romantic outdoors date. Photo: Michell Zappa/Flickr
Take advantage of your surroundings and go on an evening picnic with your Valentine. Pack dinner, candles, wine and warm clothes, and find a secluded spot to share a special date night.

Don’t forget a blanket, which will keep you both warm or offer a place to rest on.

Head out on a trail run

Valentine's Day
Hit the trail with your date for a mood boost. Photo: Port Alberni/Flickr
Nothing brings two people together like sharing a common goal, whether it be to finish the trail in a certain amount of time or to finish it, period.

Exercising together has the added benefit of boosting serotonin so you and your date will be feeling good instead of yelling over the table at a crowded restaurant.

Share a sport with your significant other

Valentine's Day
It’s the perfect opportunity to share a sport you love. Photo: J3SSL33/Flickr
If you’re really into a sport, like surfing, skiing or skateboarding, share your passion with your date.

If your Valentine has never tried the sport, give them a lesson. Maybe they’ll discover something new.

If your date is already into what you’re into, Valentine’s is the perfect day to schedule time to get outside and share the experience together.

Go camping

Valentine's Day
Escape civilization for the weekend with your loved one. Photo: Kristinvdaly/Twenty20
This year, V-Day falls on a Sunday, making it the perfect time to go on weekend camping trip.

Find a spot you’ve wanted to visit, pack up the car and go.

Two days in the wilderness, completely unplugged, will give you and your sweetheart some serious bonding time.

If you live somewhere that is too cold to go camping, take a daytrip somewhere, pack your car full of warm blankets and hot drinks, and just car camp. Build a fire, make some s’mores, then pack it up for the comfort of your own home.

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