Meet this climbing, diving, spear-fishing beauty

All photos courtesy of Rachel Moore
All photos courtesy of Rachel Moore

Rachel Moore may very well be every outdoorsman's dream girl. Impossibly tall and strikingly beautiful, it hardly comes as a surprise when you ask about her profession and she says, "model." But when the set lights go dark, Moore doesn't hang back to admire the dresses and rows of shoes. She's already halfway out the door and shimmying into a wetsuit, spear gun in hand, ready to let the sea wash off the makeup and douse her perfectly coiffed hair. This is the kind of model behavior we can really get behind:

My name is Rachel Moore and I live in Ventura, California. I'm originally from Southern California where I grew up playing outdoors, fishing with my dad, and spending countless hours at the beach falling in love with the ocean.

By trade, I'm a model, which means that I spend my days mostly in studios getting dolled up then changing my clothes dozens of times (not at glamorous as you think). On my own time, I rock climb, scuba dive, free dive, ride mountain bikes, trail run, and play beach volleyball.


I admire people who push themselves out of their own comfort zones and can be honest with themselves and others.

When I have the weekend off from working, I usually spend it climbing, diving, or adventuring with my husband.

My favorite place to spend time outdoors is the Channel Islands because it’s where I fell in love with diving, and it’s so remote and very few people make it out there.

My favorite outdoor activity is scuba and free diving and they have taught me to love the quiet moments in life and to slow down and enjoy each breath. My gear of choice is my Roxy Outdoor Fitness wetsuit—it keeps me warm and I love the funky colors.


The most amazing place I've ever traveled is Semuc Champey in Guatemala.

One luxury item I always have with me is a camera. My most prized possession is my butterfly collection (I catch butterflies in every country I travel to).

To take care of my skin, I use Mary Kay every day, sunscreen, and moisturizer. When my hair is in rough shape thanks to being outdoors all the time, I use coconut oil.

One thing I'd love to learn how to do is tech dive because I love the idea of diving deeper and farther than most people will ever go and pushing my own limits.


The most challenging outdoor activity I've tried is alpine climbing. Unpredictable weather, adjusting to high altitude, freezing temperatures, long and challenging approaches, lack of support, and heavy packs all make for a very challenging experience.

My weekly workout schedule is a mix of hiking, running, or beach volleyball in the mornings and training at my local climbing gym in the evenings.


The next item I have a chance of crossing off my bucket list is diving with a great white shark.

My favorite piece of advice for living a healthy lifestyle is “everything in moderation." The words of wisdom I live by are: “In learning to know other things, and other minds, we become more intimately acquainted with ourselves, and are to ourselves better worth knowing."—Philip Gilbert Hamilton.

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