Wanted: DryGuy TurboDry

There are plenty of options for drying out your boots and gloves around the house, but when you’re on the road all the time it gets a little tricky. Thankfully, DryGuy had the same problem, and instead of sitting around and complaining, they went and did something, creating the TurboDry. Plug it into any cigarette lighter outlet, place a fan unit in each boot or glove, and let the TurboDry do the rest. Using a patented ram-air ventilation system that draws fresh air over the thermal heating elements with a powerful fan while venting warm air throughout the boot or glove, the TurboDry can remove wetness while you drive back up to the mountain or embark on your next journey. Save some time while you save your feet from cold, wet boots this winter with the TurboDry by DryGuy. MSRP $39.95 –Kade Krichko