• Pastrana Aims to Shatter World Record for Longest Distance Jump in a Rally Car

    With four consecutive Rally America championships, nine X Games gold medals, the first double backflip on a motorcycle and a hit television series under his belt, it is safe to say that Travis Pastrana has reached the pinnacle of his career and yet he's showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, on New Year's Eve at Red Bull: New Year. No Limits., the action sports superstar will step on the accelerator and ring in 2010 by adding yet another jaw-dropping feat to his already impressive resume: the world record for longest distance jump in a rally car. Add a healthy dose of the Pacific Ocean to clear, and now you have a party!

    Red Bull: New Year. No Limits. will be televised live on ESPN/ESPN HD on Thursday, December 31, immediately following the Chick-Fil-A Bowl (approx. 11:00 p.m. ET / 8:00 p.m. PT). Viewing of Pastrana's jump will be free to the thousands of revelers in downtown Long Beach.

    "I'm looking forward to being part of Red Bull: New Year. No Limits., said Pastrana." Long Beach will continue the tradition of a fun and festive environment for this New Year's celebration and flying over the water in a car and landing it onto a floating barge will push the limits of anything that I have ever executed in my career. Live events are always difficult and more entertaining, both for the fans and the participants, and so many factors play into the success of this jump. I live for this kind of excitement.

    Joan Lynch, ESPN vice president, content development, added, We are thrilled to team again with Red Bull to televise this live and exciting event on ESPN for a third year. ESPN is dedicated to bringing live and compelling programming to the viewer and no New Year's show delivers more unique suspense and action than Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.

    Before the clock strikes midnight on the East Coast on December 31, Pastrana will attempt to accomplish the first ever ramp-to-ramp car jump over water, a feat that will test the laws of physics and take his career to yet another level. With the world-famous Queen Mary docked in the background, Pastrana will jump his rally car off the Pine Street Pier onto a floating barge anchored in Long Beach's Rainbow Harbor, aiming to shatter the existing mark of 171 feet and establish a new world distance record, live on ESPN.

    Jumping a car takes guts enough, but add water between the ramps, and Pastrana will feel what most, if not all, golfers feel when faced with hitting a ball over water it's important to stay out of the water! On New Year's Eve, Travis is not only the golfer, but also the golf ball!
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    This is what the first quarter of the jump looked like to those of us sitting on the rocks across the harbor.
    After TP landed his jump and celebrated for the crowd, the crew in the water gave him the thumbs up to go ahead and jump in the freezing drink below.
    No matter where he goes, Travis is loved by the people and he always gives the love back.
    This obligatory fire boat was on hand, incase Travis wanted to up the ante a bit and light his car on fire before the jump. Maybe next year, eh’ Travis?
    The tug that was responsible for bringing in Travis’ floating landing.
    Either way, Travis had the confidence of knowing that some of the best fireman in the state were on hand to help him if the need should arise.
    A caption contest would be just too easy here. We’re really not sure what this guy is trying to pull off with this look. Yes, that’s a gold toof, but a wig, we’re not sure.
    This is the car that Travis hoped would carry him over the harbor to a soft landing. Any type of mechanical mishap could have meant disaster for the wonderkid.
    The fine men of Long Beach Fire Company 1 were ready to go in the event that Travis didn’t land it just right.
    This is the view that Travis had as he flew down the pier into the blind takeoff and over the water.
    If you watch the video you will see that Travis actually tapped his rear brake to bring the nose of the car down just a little. That is one of the skills he brought over from motocross.
    Travis came flying down the Shoreline Pier to its end where he launched himself over the harbor in hopes of landing on the awaiting barge.
    Lindsey Love... Actually this is Lindsey Lovell (right) and her friend who were there to enjoy the jump. Lindsey is a fellow moto site writer/photographer over at Supercross.com.
    Perfect conditions greeted Red Bull and Travis for his world record rally car jump.
    For obvious reasons Subaru has a large presence when Travis is performing, and their cars are awesome. Our friend Jason from 10 Designs is also responsible for the cool wrap jobs Travis’ car gets. This car in particular is available for purchase at Subaru dealerships for just under $30,000.00.

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