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    Two words: The Search. Rip Curl's longstanding campaign to seek out and find the best surf possible in the most remote regions on Earth has finally translated to the ASP World Tour. With event locations shrouded in mystery, it's really anybody's game, and the competitors are transformed into nervous, excited grommets again.

    Rip Curl held its inaugural Search ASP World Tour event in 2005 at the famed left hander of St Leu in Reunion Island. The second event took the ASP Top 45 into deepest, darkest Mexico. Last season's event put the fear of Huey into the world's best, when they tackled the mutant "El Gringo" in remote Chile. This year's venue is in Oz, so buckle up.

    The Rip Curl Search event is the first ASP World Tour event where the licensee is opting to change the location every year. Rip Curl teamrider and Australian phenomenon Mick Fanning won the inaugural event in 2005 in his first season back after a near career-ending injury. The past two Rip Curl Search events have been taken by former three-time ASP World Champion Andy Irons in Mexico and Chile.

    2008: Bruce Irons (HAW) at Bali, Indonesia
    2007: Andy Irons (HAW) at Arica, Chile
    2006: Andy Irons (HAW) at La Jolla, Mexico
    2005: Mick Fanning (AUS) at St Leu, Reunion Island

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