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    Wake Wars is the biggest and longest running, stand alone pro wakeboard event in the Southern Hemisphere.
    With the confirmation of CWB USA team riders Trevor Hansen, Corey Bradley and the two time world champion ANDREW ADKISON, the event will have the biggest pro line up for the 2009 Aussie calendar.
    Donít forget about the top Aussie riders returning to ride at their favorite event of the Australian Summer.
    First Rider to register was the KING OF WAKE WARS 2008 Harley Clifford to try to retain his crown in 2009.
    With MASTERCRAFT towing the event there has been a lot of talk around the world about this event, you may even see the USA Billabong team riders and Padiwat Jeamjan AKA the bomb from Asia riding for the prize pools of $15000.
    Riders List

    Harley Clifford
    Andrew Adkison
    Trevor Hansen
    Corey Bradley
    Josh Sanders
    Troy Mackey
    Amber Wing
    Scotty Mackey
    Jarrod Askew
    Jeff Weatherall
    Tom Hines
    Lachlan Burgess
    Dean Smith
    Chris OíShea
    Parker Sigal (Mark Kenney achievement award 2008)
    Ryleigh Pfitzner
    Brenton Priestley
    And more rider to come

    With the biggest line up ever seen at an Australian wakeboard event there may even be a 1080 attempt off the double up.

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    Event Details:

    Patawalonga, Adelphi Terrace
    Adelaide, South Australia

    January 11, 2009 - January 11, 2009

    January 2009