• DEW TOUR snowboard Pipe Prelim Results

    Scotty Lago Shows off his broken board in SB superpipe Practice.

    It's official. The second stop of the Winter Dew Tour has began. Today was a pretty mellow day in Dew standards as the only main event was the snowboard Super Pipe Prelims. At 12:30 on the dot, the women's field took to the pipe, and unleashed a plethora of tricks. The sun shone brightly on pipe as riders sent their way through Snowbasin's 18 foot pipe.

    Out of the gate Elena Hight was looking strong, and ended up taking the first place spot for women's qualifiers.

    For the men's side of things, It was none other than Vermont native, Elijah Teter who took top honors.

    Stay tuned for all the DEW ACTION as Grindtv is on the scene! We'll be breaking it down for you!

    Snowboard Superpipe Qualifier Results:
    1st- Elijah Teter
    2nd- Steve Fisher
    3rd- Matt Ladley

    1st- Elena Hight
    2nd- Kaitlyn Farrighton
    3rd- Lizzie Beermen

    For more info on the Winter Dew Tour, check out- ALLI Sports.

    It's about to be that time again. What time you say? DEW TOUR TIME! The second event of the 3 Tour stop is getting ready to kick off at SNOWBASIN RESORT in Utah.

    The posh resort, know for it easily accessible backcountry, and luxurious base-lodges is about to endure a weeklong shred event that will surely be one for the books. This is the first time this resort has hosted an event of this nature, so we hope they are ready for the crazy antics that come with every ski and snowboard contest!

    From the looks of it, this 3D image of the course shows that Snowbasin plans to erect features that are super bang-worthly! We can't wait to see the types of trickery that will be unleashed this on this course!

    Don't you worry- from the fierce competition on the course, to the sometimes fiercer competition on the dance floor at Alli Sports Parties- Grindtv will be on hand to covering everything that goes down at

    For more info on the DEW TOUR check out Alli Sports. Alli Sports.******

    Also be sure to check out the NSTV at Winter Dew Tour Video in Breck to get Ultra hyped for next week's event!

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    Adryan Roane Ritter

    Posted by Adryan Roane Ritter December 20, 2009 03:45am PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Yes, It's in Snow Basin. Der.


    Posted by danksquad December 1, 2009 02:14pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    Huntsville Utah, that means Snow Basin Hell yes that resort rocks!

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    Snowbasin Resort
    Huntsville, Utah
    United States

    January 15, 2010 - January 17, 2010

    January 2010



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