How A Surfboard Is Made

We recently took a trip to JS Industries headquarters on the Gold Coast of Australia to see how a board is created using foam, shaping machines, resin, and good ol’ fashioned elbow grease. From the ordering process to how the fins are mounted it’s all here… Thanks to JS Industries for opening up their factory for us!

JS Industries Order Form
The first step in the creation of a surfboard is filling out an order form. As a customer, this step is crucial as it’s the only part of the process you have control over. Do some homework before you write down your order and don't be afraid to ask questions—you only get one chance and can’t change it once the board enters the production phase. It doesn’t hurt to scribble down notes either like, “Make it light!”
Paul Stacey
After your board is ordered, Paul Stacey (a keen shaper in his own right) inputs it into the computer, assigns it an order number, and fills in the top secret design specifications.
Foam Blanks
JS Industries primarily uses Burford Blanks which come in all shapes and sizes. Consider the blank a canvas that is about to get painted on…