Product Review: LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

Sunset at Swamis shot on an iPhone 4 enclosed in a LifeProof waterproof case. Photo: JC

Product Review: LifeProof Waterproof iPhone Case

While a lot of us surf to get away from our cell phones, there are those times when you want to document a particularly good day, or, you’re surfing with a wife at home who is nine months pregnant and ready to pop. That’s where the LifeProof iPhone case comes in handy. Totally against our parent company policy, I took my new iPhone 4 out yesterday for a dip in the Pacific… Here are a few notes, photos, and a video from the session:

-The case itself is barely bigger than the phone itself so it fit nicely into my wetsuit—it helped that I was wearing a chest zip wetsuit that has a perfect little pouch to put the phone in while paddling.

-Opening and closing the LifeProof case is easy, you just have to make sure it’s completely shut and sealed before taking your $400 phone into the water. We recommend putting a paper towel in the case and running it under a sink for a while before going into the ocean with it.

-The case and phone do not float so you have to rig some kind of strap to it or just be really careful. I’ve been told they are working on a lanyard, though.

-The controls are easy to use and after shooting a photo or video, it’s easy to Instagram, Tweet, or email your photo/video from the water to the world.

-I answered a call from my wife while out surfing. After learning that I was in the channel at Swamis she called me a weirdo and told me to marinate the fish when I got home. I heard her loud and clear.

-The controls on your phone tend to not work if you go too deep, stay above the water or right on the surface for best results.

-The clarity of photos and video shot through the case is amazing.

-On a downside, the company suggests putting your phone in the case and leaving it there. Apparently after 50 insert-and-remove procedures the o-ring and latches can get compromised.

-Overall I think this is a great product and something a lot of us would use when the time is right. That said, there really is no need for all of us to bring our cell phones into the water and tweet about every barrel, burn job, and wipeout. The last thing we need is a lineup full of yahoos (like myself) disturbing the peace by talking on the phone.

-MSRP is about $70USD.

-For more information go to