Wednesday Want Surf Gear Blog 1-9

Wednesday Want Surf Gear Blog 1-9-2013
Picking up where Santa left off…

Volcom City Limits Boardshort
Volcom City Limits Boardshort
If there's one thing I don't like about boardies it's when they're too long and catch your knee when you whip around to catch a wave. I'm not digging for clams! Another thing that's annoying is when you pay $100 for a pair of trunks, it's not like expensive trunks make you surf better. These two personal gripes are solved with the City Limits boardshort from Volcom, just the right length and now they're on sale for the low price of $29.70! I'll for sure be rocking these at the upcoming Volcom Pipe Pro.—Justin Coté

Nixon Aft Leather Weekender
Nixon Aft Leather Weekender
We all know Nixon makes incredibly cool and stylish watches, but what may surprise you is that they also make some equally bad ass luggage. Now that I'm getting older, my tastes are getting more refined (unfortunately my paycheck hasn't kept pace so this one is a stretch), and I'm looking at an upgrade in luggage. That's where the Nixon Aft Leather Weekender comes into play. No more bulky and anonymous roller bag, it's time to kick it up a notch and be the coolest cat at the luggage carousel! Made with 100% American leather and lined with killer Hawaiian fabric, this is a bag you'll pass down to your keikis.—JC

Town and Country Surfboards
Town and Country VT1 Quad
A roundpin quad that paddles like a gun but turns on a dime? Sign me up! Quads are good for waves where you're flying down the line and looking for tube sections. And who doesn't like flying down the line and getting barreled? Shaped by maestro Glenn Pang, there are 40 years of experience in every board he creates—and it doesn't hurt to have a locally made stick in the islands. Regardless of where you live, every surfer should have a quad in their quiver. Dimensions: 6’0″ x 18 1/2″ x 2 1/2″—JC

Brixton Bilston Jacket
Brixton Bilston Jacket
It's been freaking freezing here in SoCal of late! Just the other morning, I surfed at 6:45am and the outside air temp was 37-degrees. And while fashion doesn't matter at the time of the day, it's been equally as chilly at night when I could be rocking this wool/polyester blend coat from Brixton. It's not often that us SoCal peeps can rock a wool coat, so make it count when you do!—JC

Tombstone Infinity Surfboard
Tombstone By Infinity Surfboards
I don't ride twinnies that often, but when I do its the Tombstone Shaped by my dudes at Infinity Surfboards, this thing rules in small surf. It's fast, fun, and skatey. If you surf Salt Creek—or anywhere with small mushy waves for that matter—and don't ride one of these you're blowing it! Pick up a Tombstone and have some fun.—Matt Sims
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