‘Wednesday Wants’ Surf Gear 4-11

Skullcandy Headphones
Skullcandy Mix Master Headphones
Any of you out there watch the show, Portlandia? I love that show. Anyway, there’s one skit they do about DJs. They are chased around town by normal people handing out flyers yelling, “Hey, I’m spinning tonight at … ”—trust me, it’s funny. Well, I’m sometimes one of those assholes who are like, “Hey you should come to (insert dive bar name here)—I’m DJing at 9:00, it’s free.” I’m not a real DJ, but I sometimes “DJ” bars. Real DJs are amazing, and if you’ve ever seen Mix Master Mike do it, you’ll lose your shit, he’s incredible. My point is, I just got these new Mix Master headphones and they are fantastic, except they make me look like I know how to DJ and I don’t, but f—k it, they sound good, feel good, and might eventually get me laid, so I’m wearing them!—CC