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Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog
Five bangers for your hard-earned bucks 

Hurley Aloha Shirt
Island Aloha Shirt From Hurley
Chris Coté isn't the only guy around here who can rock an aloha shirt! I'm also down with the flowers, aloha, and threads that say, 'Let's have a mai tai!' There's something about wearing an aloha shirt that brightens your day and gives you that sunny little taste of the islands, no matter how cold and gray it is outside.—Justin Coté

Freedom Artists Tee
Octopussy/Shadow Palm Tees From Freedom Artists
Freedom Artists is an independently owned, Malibu, California based clothing company that celebrates the versatile canvas that is the t-shirt. With shirts and hats featuring art created by friends, artists, surfers, skateboarders, and the brand's own owners, Freedom Artists has created a vibe that just feels good. Forget the beefy-T grossness of big-box shit shirts, Freedom Artists shirts are 100-percent buttery, feels like wrapping your body in an old friend, wait, that sounded weird—the shirts are comfortable as you can get, and the art on the front will make you happy.—Chris Coté

John Rattray
The Predatory Bird From WuBird Crew
John Rattray is one of my favorite skateboarders. That also factors into the fact that he's one of my favorite humans. He is a Scot, his brain is full of wit, wisdom, and weirdness, and he has a fascination with a certain "aggressive gull," hence the name of his company. I celebrate all his designs, boards, and ideas, but my current favorite product of his fantastic outpouring is called the "WuBird Crew"—it may just look like a crew neck sweatshirt with a classic take on the WuTang logo, but it's so much more than that. Just buy it and you'll see. Oh, and the Predatory Bird website is f—king awesome, go look at it, or else… —CC

Survival Straps
Fishtail Bracelet From Survival Straps
I got a few of these Survival Straps in the mail and they're actually pretty sweet! I immediately thought of many situations that it would be good to have a bracelet that turns in to a rope. For example, what if I was searching for treasure in a cave and all the sudden fell in to a crevice filled with skeletons and spider? Simply unwind my Survival Strap, toss it up to something, tie it off, and pull myself up before I get bit by all those spiders. Oh, or something as simple as I forgot my straps and I need to tie a surfboard or bike to my car. These bracelets really could help you, in certain instances, save your life, and the company itself supports Wounded Warriors (already to the tune of $722,807!) so they're winner's in my book.—CC
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Arctic Foam
5′ 8″ SB Blank From Arctic Foam
My friends at Arctic Foam gave me a blank to use to shape my very first surfboard, upon which I immediately apologized for the hack job I'm about to commit. One thing that gives me confidence that my board will at least be rideable is the fact that the blank itself looks like it's already a shreddable surfboard. It feels like you could just glass the thing and go rip! I'm excited about shaping this board, the blank is calling to me and begging me to carve it into a piece of beauty, then lay on top of it, and gyrate. I hope I don't let my friends at Arctic Blanks down and completely destroy this thing…I'll keep you posted. For now, go ahead and buy a blank from them and attempt to shape a board for yourself, we can compare notes when we're done.—CC
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