Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 1-23

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog

Five surf products that you can live without but probably shouldn’t
DC Koozie
DC Hanger Koozie
It's no secret that the boys here at TransWorld SURF like to enjoy a cold one every now and then. And apparently we're not the only ones either, as the lushes, err, our friends at DC, just made a line of beer koozies. And while a lot of companies make koozies, the kicker here is that these bad boys have straps so you can do just about anything (except drive a car of course) while having your beverage close. They come in three colors, but I'm gonna rock the camo koozie so I can once again get over on the lifeguards while enjoying a CL on the beach.—Justin Coté

Volcom Bikini Bottom
Volcom Women's Block Box Retro Bottom
With a trip to the islands for the wifey and myself quickly approaching, I want her looking good while she's getting her Hawaiian bronze on while I work. I'm not talking laying-out-in-front-of-the-Volcom-House-in-a-g-string good, more like, posted-up-at-the-pool-bar good. See, I want my girl looking nice and classy, not all trampy (not that there's anything wrong with that). And while I'm hesitant to buy her anything clothing related for fear of being rejected, I'm 99% sure she'll like these bottoms from Volcom.—JC

Electric Captain Ahab Mark Healey Sunglasses
Electric Captain Ahab Mark Healey Signature Sunglasses
As someone who spends his days on the sea hunting big fish and even bigger waves, Mark Healey knows the value of a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Polarized glasses cut through the glare and allow you to see deeper into the water than conventional shades thus allowing you to see a giant fish lurking below or an evil looking chunk of reef that wants to rip your head off. And while 99% of us can't keep up with Healey's antics in the water, we can all appreciate a fine pair of sunnies designed by a true waterman. Stay tuned to our instagram account at transworld_surf for Mark Healey X Captain Ahab giveaways during the upcoming Volcom Pipe Pro!—JC

JS Industries Mystery
JS Industries Mystery Model
After a trip over the handle bars the other day I snapped the nose off my favorite board—a 5'10" JS Mystery swallowtail. I'd been riding it for nearly two years and was in love with it. I rinsed it off after every surf, changed the wax every couple months, and promptly fixed even the smallest of dings. But after my ass landed on the nose during an off the lip gone awry, my baby was done. The board worked in just about every condition, big or small, and I feel like the swallowtail gave it some whip out of turns. And while you can never replace a magic board, I have all the confidence in the world that the guys at JS Industries can whip up another magical mystery model for me.—JC
$ Check your local surf shop

DC Duffle Bag
DC NVRBRKN Bricker Duffle Bag
I'm sick of looking like a pansy when my plain looking luggage comes rolling around the luggage carousel. I'm also sick of not being able to spot my bags—they look just like all the other schmucks' gear. The NVRBRKN ("never broken" I assume) duffel bag from DC will definitely stick out from the masses, and with its waterproof zipper, storm flap, and leather closure, it's tough as nails. Factor in the bad ass camo print and you've got yourself a bag you'll be proud to carry through any airport.—JC