Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-10

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-10
Seven ways to blow your paycheck on surf gear…
Quiksilver Syncro Mitt
Quiksilver Syncro 7mm 3-Finger Mitt
I just booked a ticket to go visit my in-laws in Gloucester, Massachusetts for Christmas and couldn’t be more stoked. “A visit to the frozen tundra of Mass and a visit to your in-laws and you’re stoked?” you ask? Oh hell yeah! I’ve been a few times for Xmas and seem to always get fun surf—albeit in 40-degree water. That’s where the 3-fingered mitt from Quiksilver comes in. With the three digits, you’re still able to put your leash on, wax up, and throw shakas. Warmer than traditional 5-fingered gloves and less clumsy than a lobster claw style mitt, I look forward to a marathon session at (undisclosed) on Christmas Day!—Justin Coté