Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-17

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-17
Four things you could probably live without but shouldn't

GoPro HD HERO3 Black Edition
Smaller, lighter, and twice as powerful as their last model, the crew at GoPro continues to lead the field when it comes to cameras designed for sports like surfing, snowboarding, and skating in mind. With myriad shooting options, Wi-Fi capability, and remote control, you could make an entire surf movie with this bad boy. While a lot of the technology is above my head, a friend here at TransWorld SNOW is so psyched, "It's like having a red cam for a fraction of the price!" Available in white, black, and silver, I went for the black model as it's the most loaded and bad ass.—Justin Coté

Pro-Lite rocketship pad
Pro-Lite The Rocketship Traction Pad
There are a few advantages to being flat-footed; no draft and your feet stick to your board better. Besides that us flat footers are shit outta luck—especially when it comes to finding a flat traction pad. But fret not my flat-footed friends; Pro-Lite makes a killer pad that has no arch. It's called The Rocketship and like always, I'm going all black. It's a simple two-piece pad which makes for easy application and has a medium sized kicker at the end. Maybe if you're an air guy you'll want more kick but I rarely find my feet that far back on my board.—JC

Kaenon Polarized Hutch Sunglasses
I spend (or at least try to) a lot of time in and around the water and refuse to wear anything but polarized shades. The polarized lens cut down on glare off the water, and allow you to see right through in the right conditions. That said, Kaenon has been at the forefront of the polarized movement for years and their lenses are top notch. While they're a bit pricey, you get what you pay for; they don't scratch easily and are of the highest quality. You only have two eyeballs, protect them wisely!—JC

Lost Flashback
…Lost Surfboards Flashback
When I was a kid I idolized Martin Potter and his “The Saint” airbrushes. We used to try to skate the driveways of our hometown like he blitzed the beaches of Durban, South Africa. The boards of that era were awesome, too. Full rails, not a lot of rocker, and killer neon and day-glo airbrushes, not some scribbled-down "art" that you see nowadays. …Lost classifies this board in its Bro-Formance category meaning it's good for the slightly older crowd who still wants to get their shred on.—JC
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