Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-24

Our friends over at Brixton make some killer threads—but more importantly, my wife thinks I look sharp in their gear. The holidays are coming up, don’t be some dopey looking barn with your standard Christmas sweater at the company party, kick it up a notch with some of Brixton’s Holiday 2012 line.

Action Shot Camera
Action Shot Camera
While everyone's talking about the new GoPro (which we talked about last week), this week we came across a camera from a similar genre, but much easier on the wallet. It's called the "Action Shot Camera" and for less than $70 you've got yourself a waterproof little camera that can fit just about anywhere. The quality is nowhere near the GoPro, but it's more geared to kids who aren't ready to pony up a couple hundred bucks but want to get started in the "shoot yourself" movement. As Christmas nears, the Action Shot camera could make for a great stocking stuffer for that little nephew of yours who's just getting his feet wet. Specs: Standard Def (640×480) at 30 frames per second while in video mode and 640×380 resolution while shooting photos.—Justin Coté
$49.99 plus $19.99 for the waterproof housing

Pro Lite Comp Leash
Pro-Lite Comp Leash
For the most part I eschew the use of a leash. I mainly surf beachbreaks and don't like the drag or ankle yank that comes with a leash. But that train of though goes out the door come winter as I find myself surfing reef breaks and the water gets cold (making for an unpleasant swim). Anyway, there's no need to get fancy when choosing a leash and there are some great options out there. That said, the bros from Pro-Lite came down last week and hooked us up with their new comp leash. It's thin but not too thin, and comes with swivels at both ends so it doesn't get all tangled up. And while I think 5'5" is a bit short, after a few uses it will stretch a bit giving you enough distance between you and your board when you pop up after falling or kicking out.—JC
$ Ask At Your Favorite Surf Shop

UNIV Mascot Crewneck
Much like our two leading presidential candidates, I am a flip flopper—only, I'm not flipping between nuclear arms or health care, I flip and flop between my love for crew neck and hooded sweatshirts (this is the true political problem of our modern age). Right now, today, I'm leaning towards crewneck, more precisely—the Mascot crewneck sweatshirt made by the fantastic UNIV brand based in Encinitas, California. Here's a fact: I look good in gray and even better when I have a small dog smoking a pipe on my body.—Chris Coté

Walking Dead
The Walking Dead Season 3
If you're not watching The Walking Dead, you must either be a pussy who's scared of a little blood and guts, or a zombie lover who hates watching you're dead-alive buddies getting their heads speared, caved in, hacked off, whacked, bludgeoned, etc. The Walking Dead on AMC is one of those shows that sucks you in and never lets you go. The premise is simple enough; a small group of post-zombie-apocalypse survivors runs around killing and being killed by zombies. Faces are eaten, heads are lopped off, living people turn in to walking dead, and just when you start to like (or hate) a character, they usually get eaten or turned in to zombies—it's awesome! If you haven't seen seasons 1 or 2 yet, please start there first, then when you catch up, we can all nerd out together and talk about the show in a zombie chat room.—CC