Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-5

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 10-5
Four bangers for your buck 

Naked Surf Liquid Rash Guard
Don't tell the boss but I've been surfing twice a day for the last eight days. With that surf bender (in trunks no less) came an unfortunate case of ball and belly rash. Thankfully a friend of a friend has a guy who has a company in Hawaii called Locean Labs that makes this stuff called Naked Surf Liquid Rash Guard. And while rubbing lotion on your belly then going surfing may sound like a quick trip over the falls, the stuff is "non-slip" just as advertised and I was ripping (at least I thought I was ripping) and rash-pain free in no time.—JC

The New Yorker
You don't have to live in New York to read and enjoy the New Yorker (although the show listings in the "Goings On About Town" section will make you green with envy at all the amazing shows New York gets on a daily basis). Inside this magazine you will find the most insightful social commentary, poetry, music and film reviews, fantastic works of fiction, humor writing from some of the world's greatest comedy writers of our time, as well as the world famous New Yorker Cartoons. While the magazine has been around since 1925, the New Yorker is somehow still on the edge of pop culture—especially the covers, which often feature cartoons that inherently critique our society, political landscape, or just plain make us laugh. Subscribe to the New Yorker, it comes about every other week and will blow your mind every time. Shit, you may even learn something.—CC
$70 (gets you the magazine for a year, iPad edition, and exclusive web content)

Vans X Metallica 20th Anniversary Half Cab
The half cab is considered the one of the greatest skate shoes ever. Metallica is considered one for the greatest heavy metal bands ever. It's no shock that these two legendary heavyweights in their respective fields would come together and create something ass kicking. Of course, the shoe is all black, none more black in fact. The Metallica Half Cab features custom Kill 'Em All inspired graphics, a clear sole with the bloody hammer image on the bottom, along with an inscription on the side that reads, "Those people who tell you not to take chances … they are all missing on what life’s about … "—a perfect line for skating and music from their song Motorbreath. These shoes are pure and true to skate roots and classic metal, I rarely throw devil horns, but these deserve a double devil horn with a few headbangs thrown in.—CC

Sonos Play: 3 Wireless Hi Fi System
Todd Richards (pro snow bro, host of AWSM on Alli at hooked me up with a set of these amazing speakers—all I had to do was mow his lawn and teach him how to do airs, too easy! Anyway, I must say that I feel pretty cool to be streaming music wirelessly all around my house, and this little speaker kicks some ass and sounds clear as a bell. So far, I just have the one speaker set up in my living room, but the Sonos system is easily expandable and I don't have to worry about trying to run wires and shit all over my house. Controlled with your phone or computer, I can stream as much Sonic Youth or Calexico as I want, as well as rock Pandora and Spotify. I feel all cool and techy now, I think I might convert my Prius to hydrogen now, I'll tell you how that works out for me.—CC