Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-28

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 11-28
Six slam dunks for the surfer on your gift list 

The Faint Danse Macabre Deluxe Vinyl Edition
When the Faint released Danse Macabre in 2001 it absolutely blew my mind. The music was punk, electronic, herky-jerky dance indie rock that when blasted at a loud volume was impossible not to dance to. Dark wave meets new wave meets punk rock! A few months ago, Saddle Creek reissued this electro-dance classic and the band set out on tour, playing Danse Macabre in its entirety. I saw the show recently in San Diego and my ears are still ringing, my legs are sore from dancing, and I even lost a shoe in the ensuing dance pit—reminded me of the good old days! Anyway, the vinyl edition of the reissue comes with two 180 gram LP's, two CD's, a DVD, a booklet, and bonus song downloads! F—k, I can't even tell you how amazing this band is live. The tour is still going! Don't miss it when it comes to your town or your stupid. Check out for tour dates and to buy the Deluxe Edition of Danse Macabre.
Just let the poison spill
Spurt from your throat
Hiss like steam
Because the pressure is unreal!
I love this album!—Chris Coté

The Summit Collab by Brixton and Poler
Our homies at Brixton have linked up with our other homies at Poler to collaborate on a hat that is as functional as it is cool looking. The Summit is a six-panel cap with pull down earflaps that tie in the front. It features custom printed lining and Polar/Brixton embroidery at the back panel. This hat is limited, comes in black and camel colorways, and if this thing doesn't get you laid at your local watering hole you get a full refund. Well, that's not true, but trust me, wearing this hat can only help your cause, and while the hat alone won't keep your body warm, the naked body of the person you just met while wearing it will. So, go buy this hat, wear it to a bar, when a girl asks you about the hat, say, "Yeah it's a limited edition Brixton X Poler collab hat—but enough about me, let's talk about you…” It works every time.—CC

Vans Ladera Jacket
Vans Ladera Jacket
I love jackets. I love to bundle up in a nice warm jacket and go about my day toasty, comfortable, and living in my own little blissful world. I celebrate all kinds of jackets and my wife yells at me all the time cause I've taken over our closet with all forms of jackets from puffy, to leather, to letterman's to hooded silky numbers. Well, I'd like to add one more jacket to my closet, the Vans Ladera jacket with the bird print. I love birds, I love jackets—it only makes sense for me to get this one, right? The Ladera Jacket is 100% Cotton with brass snap front closure, side entry hand pockets, has a hood with draw cords and faux leather stoppers—all things that I like. It's also available in Deep Navy corduroy, but come on; the bird print is too awesome! Totes want.—CC

Indonesian Floating Surf House
I always thought that opening a brothel in the Mentawais would be a sure-fire way to make a bunch of money, but the "Floating Surf House" in the Banyak Islands in North Sumatra, Indonesia makes a bit more sense and doesn't involve anything illegal in a third world country. The Floating Surf House is actually a barge anchored into the reef. That means no sand flies, no mosquitoes, and cool ocean breezes. And while the joint is far from the Four Seasons, after a long day of surfing and a few Bintangs, I could rest my head at the Floating House just fine.—Justin Coté
$1500 for 10 days

Volcom Last Laugh Jacket
Volcom Women’s Last Laugh PU Jacket
It’s that time of the season where you cozy up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace, but when you do decide to go out and enjoy the outdoors, this Last Laugh PU Jacket from Volcom will keep you warm and flourishing with style, giving you that bad girl, rebel-without-a-cause biker look. It’s also water repellent so you’ll stay warm and look sexy with your wet hair when it’s raining or snowing. As an intern at TranWorld SURF I go about these streets overlooked but after rocking this jacket heads turn and that rad boost of awesomeness consumes my intern body.

VonZipper Battlestations Collection
Batten down the hatches and prepare for Battlestations! VonZipper's new nautical-themed attack is armed with gold chrome lenses and a combo of satin matte and glossy finishes. These shades are ready for any sea-based battle and perfect for the sailor on your Christmas list.—Matt Sims