Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 12-19

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 12/19/2012
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Globe Bantam Skateboard
Graphic Bantam By Globe
I love my Bantam board from Globe. I have a black one with blue wheels that’s been sitting outside of my house in the rain for months and it still rolls like a charm. I was thinking of handing it down to a grommet and getting a new one so I looked the Globe website and OMG! New Bantam boards come complete with amazing all-over graphics, S-Track Grip, they’re lighter, and feature a new swallowtail shape! So, all I’m saying, is that Santa better make a stop by Globe HQ and pick me up a camo-Bantam-cruiser or else. I mean, shit, I’ve been a pretty good kid all year so I think I deserve it. C’mon Santa! Hook it up! Or maybe Dion Agius will do it. Dion has a beard, Santa has a beard, they’ll both cool and they both fly—Dion? Please.—Chris Coté