Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-27-2013

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 2-27-2013

Five bangers for your buck

Slussen by Urban Ears
I didn't know what this was when I first saw it, but after reading the little blurb—my hype wood started to bulge and I knew that I needed this product immediately! What this little thing (along with a free app) does is make your iPhone or ipad a mixer that that allows you to preview and cue songs as you mix. Plug your headphones in to one hole and the stereo cord in to the other, and you're in business. Instead of just playing your iPhone at your next rager, you can actually DJ with this thing that easily attaches to your key chain! My friend Daren Crawford and I will be armed with Slussen's very soon, so invite us over and we'll rock the shit out of your next house party! Seriously, call us, we're available.—Chris Coté

Firewire Spitfire with Technograin technology
I "borrowed" this board from Firewire's Chuy Reyna this morning and instantly fell in love with it. The wider nose allows you to paddle really well, even on a 5'6". As well, the thin, tapered down tail makes for a super responsive and ripping little shred sled. Another cool aspect of the Spitfire are the five fin boxes, which gives you the choice between quad, thruster, twin, or five fin set up. I went with the quad setup this morning and the thing was flying down the line like a bat outta hell. The wood wrap finish aka "Technograin" is really cool looking, nearly bullet proof, and for surfboard standards, environmentally friendly. Read more about Technograin technology on the Firewire site.—Justin Coté

James Boot by Broken Homme
Broken Homme is an emerging brand California that prides itself on making classic, contemporary, "working class inspired" boots. Proudly building each boot in the good ol' US of A with American leather, Broken Homme has backed their impeccably built boots with a unique aesthetic that can be seen on the brand's tumblr page—cool vibes. The James Boot is an instant classic featuring full grain "oxblood" leather and a badass black sole built for longevity, toughness, and yes, comfort. These boots are begging to be put through the wear and tear, in fact, the more you wear and tear them; the better they'll look. Support independent brands, support domestic manufacturing, support the homies at Broken Homme.—CC

The Packable Collection by Hershel Supply
My neighbor Simon turned me on to this rad bag company a few months back and out of the blue a variety pack of fantastic bags showed up at my house! All the bags look and feel solid and classy, but my favorite out of the bunch were the packable bags. When I go on trips. I usually have a back pack, a big roller, and a board bag, the backpack has my computer and all the cords and crap in it so using it as a day-to-day bag for carrying around on my trip is a hassle, that's where the foldable bag comes in handy. Pack an extra backpack in your roller or boardbag, that way you have a perfect daytrip bag for day-to-day usage and you don't have to pack and unpack your travel backpack every time you go to the beach or whatever. Does that make sense? It should, cause a packable backpack is a damn good idea and from now on I'm not leaving town without one.—CC

Stab Summer Book Issue 63
Stab is fantastic Australian Surf magazine that has a knack for pulling the personality out of typically bland surfers, photographing the world's best and hottest female surfers in incredibly sexy and beautiful vignettes, and being right on the edge of what is acceptable (they can show nipples and freely curse which is really awesome). Anyway, their standard issues are always hot commodities here at TransWorld SURF, but when their once-a-year book comes out, we have to fist fight for who gets to read it first. This year, I won, and the fight was worth it. The book itself is huge, 12 by 18 inches or something. The photo spreads are rich and saturated with glorious color, and the interviews inside are always a good read. The front cover is Dane shot by John John, the back is Craig Anderson with a tag that reads, "The Outrageous Vanity Of Craig Anderson"—good shit. Great work yet again to the boys at STAB.—CC
$10 AUS

Doinker by Panda Surfboards
It's just what it looks like; weird and fun! Made for tiny one-foot and up to three-foot surf, this thing will get you up and flying faster than any other board in your quiver. Order up to 8' shorter and 2 ¼" wider than your standard shortboard and same thickness. If it works for Ford Archbold it works for me!—Matt Sims