Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-20

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 3-20

After Camp Shred we're hornier than ever for gear!

Firewire Lost Mini Driver
5'10" x 19 ¼" x 2 3/8" Firewire/…Lost Mini Driver
With the Volcom Fiji Pro on my mind, fingers crossed I make the cut and get invited back to the best place in the world—Tavarua. And if that invite comes, I'm going to need a reliable and tough shortboard to navigate the shallow barrels found out in front of the resort at Restaurants. Last year I rode a 6'2" out there but it felt too long and ended up breaking in half mid way through the trip. That was a bummer. This year, I think the best board to bring would be something that won't break too easy, and will work well in draining tubes—which is where Firewire and …Lost collab comes in. Set up as a quad, I'll (hopefully) be flying through tubes and not worrying about it snapping in half when I inevitably eat shit onto the reef. As well, if the right is the jam I'll simply set it up as a thruster and go to town backside.—Justin Coté

Body Glove Short Arm Fullsuit
Body Glove Vapor Back Short Arm 2MM Wetsuit
Seeing as how it's the first day of spring, it's time to ditch the 3/2 fullsuit and get into something more flexible and easier to get into. There's nothing worse than struggling into a thick, wet wetsuit when the sun is blazing and babes are laying out in bikinis. And as long as you're not a total wuss, this suit should keep you in the water for at least an hour when the water temp is 60-degrees and up. You can go to the Body Glove site for the breakdown of all the bells and whistles, but for me, a wetsuit should be comfortable and keep you warm, and Body Glove has been historically perfect at that.—JC

Raen Optics
The Garwood By Raen
If I'm not wearing my glasses, I am either asleep, surfing, or in the shower. These days, I not only wear RX glasses, but also RX sunglasses—for the first time in my life my sunglasses are as important to me as my RX glasses. Anyway, the cool part about wearing glasses all the time is you get to play a little bit with face fashion or whatever you want to call them. I like these new Garwood frames by Raen. I haven't decided yet to make them RX sunglasses or RX clear, then again, if I have it my way, I'll get one of each! I'm going with the "split tone acetate on Froth and Quartz Tortoise frames"—I'm gonna look fantastic, you probably will too. Try them out at a shop near you.—Chris Coté

Perpetual Motion By TransWorld SKATEboarding
Perpetual Motion, is the 25th film made by the homies upstairs at TransWorld SKATEboarding. Featuring the four-wheeled genius of Silas Baxter-Neal, Julian Davidson, Jimmy Carlin, Walker Ryan, Josh Matthews, and Tom Remillard—this film is yet another must-see from the legendary John Holland school of skateboard filmmaking. Holland, along with fellow visionary filmer, Chris Theissen deserve some serious accolades for their editing, filming, music choice, and unique view of skating. I'll be camping out at a skate shop on April 1 to get my copy. Perpetual Motion, TransWorld SKATEboarding film # 25, don't sleep on it, buy it ASAP!—CC
$19 DVD $25 Blu-ray

Mick Fanning's “The Shelter” Sun Resistant Face Stick By Vertra
When you surf as much and as good as Mick Fanning and I, you need a sunblock that can keep up with how fast and radical you're shredding. Mick and I have fair skin, we may be .001 percent ranga between us, and that means we get sunburnt very easily. Thankfully, Mick and I have bros at Vertra who hook us up with Shelter Sun Resistant Face Sticks. These sticks have no pigment, no scent, and are non greasy. What can I say, Mick and I rip and we're not all sunburnt like a lot of other pros out there. Mick would agree that I rip as hard as him, right, Mick? Hello, Mick? Well, maybe not just as hard, but real close.—CC