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Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog

Fins, sandals, shades, and something for the ladies

Futures Controller Fins
Controller Quad from Futures Fins
Summer is coming up and I have a sweet retro fish coming my way soon. I ordered it with four fin boxes so it can be ridden as a twinnie or quad, but from what shaper Gary Hanel told me, it’ll ride better in good waves as a quad. And with a retro style fish, it’s not like you’ll be going straight up, it’s going to be more of a flying down the line kind of vibe. What’s interesting about these—and different from most quads—is that the rear fins are a hair taller than the front fins, which in theory gives a bit more control, hence the name of the fin. Handmade from fiberglass (I wouldn’t be caught dead on plastic fins) and that cool looking honeycomb stuff, I’m really looking forward to screwing these bad boys in and doing some retro ripping.—Justin Coté
$ About 100