Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-2

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 4-2

Spring is in the air, time to gear up!

Darkride Skateboards
Nathan Fletcher Pro Model from Darkride Skateboards
I was driving home from LA a few weeks ago hung over and miserable. About halfway home, I stopped at an In N' Out Burger to add some fat-guilt to my hangover guilt. On my way in, my homie, Jake was walking out. He brought me to his van and hooked me up with a deck from Darkride Skateboards! This cheered me up as the board was a Nathan Fletcher Pro Model. The eight-inch wide deck has good concave, the wood feels solid, and the American Indian/Herbie Fletcher inspired graphics are tight. Cool to see homies starting companies, so good on ya', Darkride Skateboards. Other riders include Bobby Martinez, Aaron Astorga, and Bruce Irons—who wouldn't want to check the waves on a Bruce Irons skateboard?—Chris Coté

Freedom Artists
Birds And Booze Aloha Shirt from Freedom Artists
Yesterday, Pascal Stanfield drove all the way down to Encinitas from Malibu to hand deliver a shirt that he said, "Is going to be your new favorite shirt". Well, he may be right, the Birds And Booze button up aloha shirt by Freedom Artists is awesome. I love birds and I love booze, but mostly, I love Aloha shirts. The pattern is obviously tropical and awesome, but the fit and feel of the shirt is wonderful as well. Sometimes aloha shirts can be uncomfortable, which defeats the whole purpose of wearing a damn aloha shirt. Thanks for the shirt Pascal, and thanks for doing all those airs right in front of me when we went surfing, you still got it, bro.—CC

The New Flyer by Channel Islands Surfboards
I never had an original Channel Islands Flyer, but man, I wanted one. Thankfully, I know people (Dave Downing), so I was allowed to "borrow" a 5'6 New Flyer. I put the word "borrow" in parenthesis because the good people at Channel Islands are going to have to pry this New Flyer out of my cold dead hands if they want to get it back—this board goes insane and I'm keeping it! In smaller waves, this thing goes fast as heck and the hips in the tail keep it loose as a goose—perfect for actually doing good turns on small waves, oh and I did an air on my second wave riding it. If nobody hears from me for the next few years, that's cause I'm on the run, with my New Flyer, surfing somewhere in Mexico where Dave and the CI crew can't find me and take their board back, I just love it too much.—CC

Trident Ultra 4.3 Angler Kayak
Spring is here and so are the lunker fish! Yesterday a friend of mine speared a huge 65lb+ white sea bass and it totally freaked me out. I had to leave work and go look for Johnny to see the fish in person. And while Johnny peeled out and I never saw the fish, I do know that he is more of a man than me—dude swam out to the kelp beds and back in with the fish! F—k that, it's also great white season! When I go out fishing I need something to paddle out there and this 14'1" yak from Trident would be the perfect vessel to do so. You could also use it to access surf spots that require a long paddle like or are on a military base. At 59lbs. it's not super heavy and it's got all the bells and whistles including bait tank, rod holders, waterproof herb hatch, and a holder for your post-kill cold one.—Justin Coté

Bruce by Clae Shoes
Sandals are awesome, but if you're after a closed-toe vibe with a nice cool, breezy feel, these kicks from Clae hit the mark. They've got a breathable mesh upper, and a moisture wicking mesh lined footbed to keep your feet aired out and dry, all while keeping your stee proper. With summer coming, these things make a perfect transition from the cube to the beach, and everything in between.—Casey Koteen

Twoface from Oakley
Normally I go for the hipster wayfarer style shade—basically because I could be the biggest poser I know and I follow along with whatever my 16-year old grom cousin wears. But a buddy of mine had a pair of these on a surf trip we went on to in Mexico and after I lost my other pair and I stole these from him on the way down. The lenses make it look like you're in heaven, it turns 2 foot knee high chop to perfect overhead barrels and the chick on the beach from a 3 to a 10. Ok, not really but these shades rule. Super light and good looking, go grab a pair, summer is almost here!—Matt Sims

Back Line sunglasses by Electric
It's always good to have a go to, something with substance and reliability. In golf, that’s my 7 iron, surfing it's my 6’0", cuisine while traveling: pizza. And for sunglasses, it may have to go to Electric's new pair the Back Line. Sturdy, clean, and an instant go to!—Jason Jackson