Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-8

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 5-8

GoPro Bobber
The Bobber GoPro Floating Hand Grip
After surfing Lowers the other day with 75 of my best friends and a new GoPro3, I came to the conclusion that a) I need a motorized surfboard to catch more waves, and b) I need a better way to film follow cam stuff. I rigged up a mouth mount kinda thing with duct tape (and somehow didn't lose the camera) but a lot of the clips I got had my finger in the frame thus ruining the shot. So after a bit of research I found this, the Bobber. It fits into your hand like a pistol grip and floats like a buoy so even if you lose it, the bright yellow bobber makes it easy to find. With a little rigged up mouth mount so you can paddle with both arms I think this could be the ideal way to film with your GoPro.—Justin Coté

Hershel Supply Co. X Stussy Aloha Collection Austin Board Sock Small and Sutton Duffle
Okay. I admit it, my aloha addiction is becoming a problem. My wife told me if I buy one more Hawaiian shirt or Hawaiian print product, she's gonna leave me…well, I guess I'm gonna miss her cause I'm NEVER gonna stop the Aloha! Check out this new collab blend of bags by Hershel and Stussy. Yep, that's an aloha print on a black duffel bag and a sick ass board sock. Yes, it's awesome. Picture me walking through the airport with an aloha shirt, aloha bag, and aloha board sock (I'll have to add some padding inside), doesn't that picture make you happy! It makes me happy. Oh yeah, this is a limited edition collection and it's already all over the cool gear blogs like and, so, get this aloha shit now while you still can!—Chris Coté
Board Sock $65, Duffle $88

Sunset Skateboards Alien board w/ Flare LED Wheels
Like surfboards, one can never have too many skateboards. I have several and they all serve a particular purpose. My standard skateboard is for parks, street, ramps, and actual skateboarding. I have two cruiser boards for checking the waves, skating to the liquor store, or walking my dog. I have two old beater boards I let my kids play in the mud with, and now I have a bright transparent green board with wheels that glow as bright as a damn light saber! Night cruising just got an injection of radness! The board itself is high strength Polycarbonate and the wheels are 78a Poly-Urethane. The purpose of this board is to ride around at night tripping out watching the glowing wheels roll, man. Oh, and my kids think it's the coolest skateboard ever.—CC

Floyd Hat By Brixton
It's official—this is the hat I'm wearing all summer long. The Floyd hat by Brixton is a perfect blend of Indiana Jones meets Robert Redford with a hefty dose of my hero (and Joan Wilder's hero) Jack T. Colton from the best movie ever, Romancing The Stone. Remember that scene when Jack and Joan first meet after the bus crash, and all Jack's birds got away, making his dream of owning a boat just that much more distant? Anyway, go ahead and have a good summer with your sunburned neck and forehead. I'll be chilling hard at the beach in my short brim cotton twill bucket hat with cotton and leather band, aka, the Floyd.—CC

Fox Bruce Irons Signature Motion Varial Shoe
Light, simple, and breathable without socks. This does not describe Bruce Irons, but summarizes my thoughts on his new signature shoe from Fox. Bruce is a living legend, his ability to weave through deadly tubes, punt massive airs, and abuse the open face of a wave from Kauai to Africa in effortless fashion strikes envy in surfers around the world. Fox has recently honored him with his first signature shoe which combines sleek lines, ventilated sides, and function in hopes that Bruce’s magic can wear off on feet across the world.—Jason Jackson

Tech One Sunglasses From Electric
Normally I am not a big fan of conferences and lectures—unless they're in Mexico! Many fortunate surf industry turkeys (including myself) will be flocking down to Mexico soon for a week-long SIMA conference to learn how to market and sell stuff to you. We may also sneak off for adventures of our own. Perhaps a surf mission, fishing, diving, or just some good ol’ fashion trouble in Mexico. The Tech One from Electric was purpose-built for these very things. The re-engineered wraparound design, with its smooth, angular features provide crucial glare reduction in sun, sand, and surf alike and make this pair of shades my weapon of choice for Mexican adventure. Hopefully they also work well as get out of jail tickets as well!—JJ