Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-15

Tiki Toss
Classic Hook And Ring Game

I love any game that you can play while holding an ice-cold beverage in one hand. Cornhole, horseshoes, washers, bocce ball, and of course the “classic hook and ring game”. The hook and ring game is generally found in bars on islands and in backyards of people who like to party—I’m one of those people, so this game works perfectly in my backyard. The beauty of this game is the simplicity. All you need is a hook, a length of string, and a ring about the size of a half dollar. The good people at Tiki Toss have put all these items as well as a hand made backboard to attach the hook—it’s the perfect set up for hook and ring, plus, they’ve gone a step further and created a 3D hook and ring app/game for your phone! So when you’re not in your backyard playing hook and ring, you can play it in your office under your desk and pretend that you’re at a bar in Jamaica.—C.C.