Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog: 8-15

Tiki Toss
Classic Hook And Ring Game

I love any game that you can play while holding an ice-cold beverage in one hand. Cornhole, horseshoes, washers, bocce ball, and of course the "classic hook and ring game". The hook and ring game is generally found in bars on islands and in backyards of people who like to party—I'm one of those people, so this game works perfectly in my backyard. The beauty of this game is the simplicity. All you need is a hook, a length of string, and a ring about the size of a half dollar. The good people at Tiki Toss have put all these items as well as a hand made backboard to attach the hook—it's the perfect set up for hook and ring, plus, they've gone a step further and created a 3D hook and ring app/game for your phone! So when you're not in your backyard playing hook and ring, you can play it in your office under your desk and pretend that you're at a bar in Jamaica.—C.C.

Nike+ Fuel Band

I got one of these Nike+ Fuel Bands at the US Open a few weeks ago and it's become something of an addiction. Basically, the band is a gentle reminder to get your ass up and start moving. It "tracks your activity through a sport-tested accelerometer", which means that when you wake up, put the band on, and start doing stuff, you start getting points. You set a point goal and when you hit that goal, you get a little graphic on the band that congratulates you—and it always feels good to be congratulated. You can sync the band with your phone and computer to compete with friends and reach higher goals. The way I see it, any piece of technology that wants to help me get rid of this double chin and muffin top is welcome, especially when it feels like a game.—C.C.

The Bottom Feeder Skateboard
… Lost

If you have not been watching War(d) Stories on, you're blowing it—it's gotta be the best web series ever! Anyway, watch War(d) Stories, and while you're at it, check out … Lost's line of surf skates. With shapes and graphics that mimic Matt Biolos' legendary surfboard shapes, these boards will tame any tree barrel or slanted driveway you can find. Fast and loose with trucks specifically designed to pump like you're surfing, these shred sleds will get to the liquor store or your surf check spot in style and with lots of speed carving along the way.—C.C.

Chemistry Boombastik
Chemistry Surfboards

Lately the waves have been fun but not big. I need a good tweener board and I’m trying to save my pennies for a Chemistry Boombastik. This is kind of a homer Wednesday Want, but I really do want one. I tried Cheyne Magnusson's a while ago and fell in love with the wider nose and stubbier shape—which is how I like my boards. The perfect board for small to medium sized waves. —A.C.