Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 9-12

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 9-12
Four bangers for your bucks 

Surf Grass Changing Mat
Surfers have been coming up with creative ways to get naked in parking lots for years. We've used buckets, towels, grommets, and many other flat surfaces to change in and out of our wetsuits in an effort to keep our feet clean, keep our cars clean, and not grind our wetsuits in to the cement. Buckets and grommets work OK, but the latest and greatest way to go from clothed to wetsuited is Surf Grass. It's quite genius in it's simplicity actually. Surf Grass is a 20×25 inch mat made from thick synthetic grass that helps brush sand off your feet and keep your wetsuit from getting destroyed by the ground. The mat has a Velcro strap so you can roll it up, or better yet, leave it laying flat in the back of your car so you cant put your wet wetsuit on it and drive away to the donut shop after your session.—Chris Coté

Skullcandy Vandal Speaker Dock
I was looking for something on the net about vandalism. I fell asleep on a park bench and some punk kids came by and wrote "dickhead" across my face. I wanted to find out if writing a slur like that across a human face was considered vandalism. Anyway, during my online journey of discovery, I happened upon this fantastic speaker dock made by Skullcandy. The Vandal has a very look that reminds me of a vintage guitar amp and judging by the Skullcandy sound systems I’ve had in the past, it probably has a great sound! So guess what, I don't care if writing dickhead on someone is vandalism, as far as I'm concerned, it's art. Those kids did me a favor, if I would have never been written on, I would have never found the Vandal, thanks kids!—CC


Game of Thrones Distressed House Sigil Pint Glasses
It is going to be hard to explain to my wife why I threw away all her nice glasses and replaced them with this set of seven Game of Thrones Distressed House Sigil Glasses. She won't understand that I need each an every glass for drinking on different occasions. If I want to be noble, fair, and generally good, I'll drink from the Stark glass. If I want to be savage and pretend I have a dragon on my shoulder, I'll drink from the Targaryen glass. If I want to be super sketchy, have incest, and be a total dick, I'll drink from the Lannister mug—although I'll probably just let friends drink from it and make fun of them afterwards; "Ha ha, you're drinking from a House Lannister glass, jerk." If you don't watch, you don't know. Now excuse me why I go dust off my Dungeons And Dragons 12 sided dice.—CC

Volcom X Yo Gabba Gabba
When you have kids, you try not to care too much what they're dressed like, especially if they're boys. Unless you're one of those f—ked up pageant moms or tweaked OC Housewives who's hell bent on destroying any semblance of normalcy in your child's future—you'll let the kid wear whatever. That is, until a really awesome article of clothing comes along. When I was a kid, I just wanted to wear Underoos, a Daffy Duck Hat, and a cape—no big deal. Now that I have two kids of my own, I sometimes see clothes that I just need to dress them up in. I have two boys, three and one—they both love Yo Gabba Gabba and I'm pretty sure they both love Volcom too—so this new collab is a match made in heaven for the toddler set. Featuring characters from the best kid's show on TV, and screened on soft comfy tees and hoodies—the Yo Gabba Gabba x Volcom collab is my sons' dream, so bros, feel free to send some shirts and make me father of the year. Oh, and if you make the Plex hoodie in adult large … I'm just saying. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, to mark this epic collab—the new Rocket From The Crypt song that appeared on the show, is being released on a limited 7-inch with a Biz Markie/Wayne Coyne song on the b side—OMG!—CC