Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 9-26

Wednesday Wants Surf Gear Blog 9-26
Five bangers for your hard-earned buck

Above: Olympus TG-1 follow cam on small summer day with surfer Kurt Randall.
Olympus Tough TG-1
We got hooked up with a few of these new waterproof (to 40 feet) cameras for Olympus and couldn't be more stoked. Shockproof (meaning you can drop it from six-feet and nothing will happen) and really easy to use. How easy? Put it this way, I'm notorious for filming birds and sand and then pushing "stop" when a friend takes off. Not with the Olympus TG-1 though. It looks and works just like a normal point and shoot expect there are different buttons for video and a still photo so you always know when you're taking a photo or video and there's no toggling between the two. The camera itself can take photos up to 12 megapixels and full HD video. I'd recommend taking photos in medium size though, as the big, higher quality photos make it so the camera doesn't reload very quick. Check above for some examples of the stuff I've got with the Olypus TG-1.
Couple more stats:
-Crushproof to 220lbs. (you fat friend can sit on it no worries)
Freeze proof to 14 degrees Fahrenheit (good for snowboarding)
Dustproof (good for you desert rats)
Water repellant lens (I suggest continuously spitting on it while using in the water though)
—Justin Coté

6'0" Rareform Boardbag
A friend of a friend came by the TransWorld SURF office the other day with these really unique looking boardbags created from old billboards, the kind you see on the side of the freeway. And while most single board boardbags are pretty similar, the Rareform bag is different in that it's made with waterproof material (won't get all heavy when you drive through a rainstorm with it on top of your vehicle), has crazy patterns from whatever billboard it was salvaged from, and has a cool drain hole at the bottom allowing your board to stay cool. The board has all the bells and whistles including a mesh pocket inside for wax, combs, fins, etc., a heavy duty hanger hook, UV/heat/water/mildew resistant tarpaulin, tough zippers, and ¼" foam padding.—JC

Ipico iPhone Hand Held Projector
I'm just gonna cut to the chase here and tell you about this killer new pocket sized projector that connects to your iPhone and allows you to project video or photos on a wall or any other surface. In a dim or dark room, the ipico screen can project in excess of 50″ diagonal. And as the ipico website says, "pair with wireless, Bluetooth speakers and you have your own home theater practically anywhere, indoors or out!" I've already put my order in for one of these little magical projectors (the projector itself is just a tad bigger than the iPhone itself and holds your phone in place while projecting). Imagine pulling this thing out at a bar and showing the whole joint a video of you naked running through a field in slow motion—chicks would lose their minds! You just became Batman, and as we all know, Batman gets chicks.—Chris Coté

O'Neill Freaksneak Hi-Top Boot
A lot of surfers have a love/hate relationship with booties. I didn't like them for the longest time. But now, with boards getting shorter, wider, and feeling more like skateboards, it's only natural for bootie-makers to take note and create a bootie that mixes the performance and warmth of a modern surf boot, with the styling of a skate shoe—may I introduce the Freaksneak Hi-Top Boot. I admit, this bootie will not be for everyone, and I haven't tried them out myself so I cannot attest to the board feel and comfort. What I can say is they look pretty awesome and I'd be hyped to give these things a try. Maybe I'll be doing kickflips? Who knows. Either way, O'Neill started building booties in the 1960s, I'd say they know a thing or two about surf sneaks.—CC

Nixon Stylus Headphone
Nixon's headphones have a look and feel of ultimate quality and style. The newest headphone in the Nixon line is called the Stylus. They're kind of like the little brother of the popular RPM headphones—lighter, a little smaller, but still with the same punchy sound. They're comfortable, fitted with memory foam ear cushions, and they fold up nicely. The first song I listened to on these new headphones was Culture Club's 80s banger, "Time (Clock Of The Heart)"—such a damn good song. Oh yeah, these headbangers come with a "high-quality removable mini-coil cable for instant extension and an inline 3-button remote and mic compatible with iPhone, so you can talk to your bros between songs.—CC