Wednesday Wants Surf Products 4-25

Wednesday Wants 4-25
Toys toys toys. We love our toys.

Body Glove SUP
Body Glove “Rocket” SUP
I know, SUPing is lame and they aggravate the hell out of people but I’m not one of “those” guys. You’ll never see me at a congested hogging waves and trying to surf it like a shortboard. I’m more of a cruise out to the kelp beds with a fishing pole and six-pack kinda guy. There’s no better way to access these gardens of Eden than on a SUP or kayak. Body Glove’s “Rocket” SUP is 11’ long and 30” wide making it nice and stable as well as fast. It’s made out of plastic, is hollow (making it light), and nearly indestructible which means you can loan it to your father in law without fear of him thrashing it.—JC