How To: Fix A Ding

Even the smallest of cracks and dings (like the one above) can leak water and lead to the eventual demise of your precious stick. Wax, duct tape, and stickers are all half ass ways to “fix” a board. To do it right and ensure its longevity, follow these easy instructions. The board I worked on today just had a crack in it, but if left alone it would take in water and create a weak spot, eventually breaking where the foam was decayed.

*By the way, a good ding repair guy is like a plumber—they’ll always be in need.

Step 1: Get set up. You’re going to need resin, catalyst, fiberglass, sandpaper, a razor knife, popsicle stick, cup for resin, and somewhere to work. I’d normally crack a beer for this whole procedure but it’s 10am and I’m at work.

Step 2: Sand the ding with low grit sandpaper, today I used 60 grit. Don’t go all the way through the ding, just a good rough up is all that’s needed.

Step 3: Tape off the area leaving just a little bit of space around the ding. This helps keep the whole operation nice and tidy.

Step 4: Cut a piece of fiberglass to cover the ding. You’ll want it to cover the whole ding and the some, overlapping it by about ½ inch.

Step 5: Mix your resin and catalyst (resin hardener). I’ve found sun cure (UV) resin is easier and works just as well. Use it if you have it and there will be no mixing needed.

Step 6: Put a little dab of resin (that’s already been mixed with catalyst) onto the surface of the ding. This will help the piece of fiberglass you cut out stick to the ding and create a good bond. I put a bit too much on in the photo above, you only need a dab!

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