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Winter 2011-2012: US Skiing’s Most Dangerous Season on Record

While the lack of snowfall during the 2011-2012 winter will soon fade from skiers' memories, the fatal consequences of the unstable conditions will leave a more permanent mark. According to the authorities on avalanche information-- the Northwest Weather and Avalanche Center (NWAC) and 15 skiers have died in 11 avalanches in the United States, making this the most fatal skiing season on record.Over the course of the winter, a few of skiing's elite were claimed in..

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Mullaghmore Head: Fathoms Left to Fall

This epic short film was shot at Mullaghmore Head, one of Ireland's mutant slabs which has gained quite a bit of notoriety. Most notably, a couple months back, Andrew Cotton nabbed an XXL Biggest Wave nomination at the reef. Enjoy this gem of a short by NorthCore Films, which was shot during a particularly lethal-looking day on Ireland's northwest coast.

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Josh Kerr in Hawaii

Phenomenal lensman Matt Kleiner has been traveling with Josh Kerr for part of the year, gathering footage for an upcoming signature film. Here is Matt's edit of Kerrzy's winter on the North Shore. His outstanding performance in hollow lefts, big rights, and even bigger Waimea make it hard to deny that Josh Kerr is about as well-rounded a surfer as anyone.JOSH KERR Read More →

Team Insight Attacks Noosa Heads

Australia's Noosa Heads is arguably one of the most naturally beautiful surfing locales in a country that's filled with beautiful surfing locales. The five pointbreaks or 'heads' at Noosa are preserved in a national park to ensure that they remain pristine and unpolluted. The waves themselves are rather fickle but when they do light up, it can be quite the spectacle. These two clips, courtesy of our friends at Insight, are from a recent swell at Ti-tree, one of the hollower..

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John Fisher Recovers Lost Skate Film

The life of a filmmaker isn't always easy, just ask skate cinematographer John Fisher. After a successful film trip with pros Dylan Hughes, Nicky Howells, Sam Austin, and others to Swansea in the UK, John crafted the full length movie, Be Good Now, and returned to the small coastal town's new skatepark to premiere the film. But shortly after the successful premiere, his hard-drive, along with the entire movie, crashed and burned.Now, almost year later, John finally..

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Jeremy Rumas Hangs Upon Nothing

At 24, Jeremy Rumas quit his full-time job in Chicago to make a surf movie. "Thinking back over the previous few years was sort of a blur of sitting at desks," says Rumas of his time working in an office as a commercial artist. "I felt like I better make a move quick if I was to try to do something of my own." The quick move he made was a solo-journey to Samoa-- alone. Rumas, an Indiana native, bought a surfboard for the trip and instantly fell in love, deciding to pour his..

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What Youth Unveiled

Kai Neville and Travis Ferre just released Dear Suburbia a prequel to their full-length film project starring Yadin Nicol, Dane Reynolds, Kolohe Andino, Conner Coffin, and more. The clip is a part of their new video project and coffee table book entitled What Youth. And the 12-minute prequel can only be found on their website. They even made a point of it to say, "Don't look for it anywhere else."To watch Dear Suburbia, click the image below.

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Taj Burrow on RED Cam

Here is a new edit of current World #1, Taj Burrow, surfing on his home turf in Yallingup, Western Australia. The footage was shot by Rick Rifici on a RED Epic camera, the most cutting edge tech in high speed digital cinematography, capable of capturing images at up to 300 frames per second. The whole rig costs upwards of $60,000, which is a lot of money to have floating in the impact zone.Summer Solstice from Rick Rifici on Vimeo.

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Surf Porn: Winter Rincon with Dane Reynolds and Tom Curren

Here is an edit from Future Enigma, featuring some digital drool of one day at Rincon's Cove section during a magic run of swell earlier in the year. Highlights include a cameo from Tom Curren ripping on what appears to be a kiteboard, which he also rode during the Rincon Classic in February.Dane Reynolds, however, steals the show-- linking mind-bending airs with wild man-hacks-- which for him is standard fare.The Queen from Future Enigma on Vimeo.Thanks..

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