Speed Technologies Announces the Arrive and Drive Program for Off-Road Race Fans Looking to Get Behi

Speed Technologies has just made off-road racing a lot easier. The company, a leading team in the SuperLite Championship series, has launched a rental program that puts drivers behind the wheel of one of its fleet of SuperLite trucks, while removing the logistical nightmare of race support, heavy start-up costs and post-race shop time.

“Arrive and Drive” offers racers and aspiring racers a ready SuperLite truck delivered for race weekend with on-site crew and support. Drivers need only jump behind the wheel and hit the gas.

“Basically, this is designed for someone who doesn’t want to mess with the truck,” said Kevin Singleton, chief operating officer of Speed Technologies. “We take the hassle out of it – we’ve got it down where drivers can show up, drive and leave when the racing is finished.”

Nearing the end of its first season of rental program, Speed Technologies said its fleet of five trucks has been in high demand in 2008. “We started this in April,” Singleton said, “but even starting late for the season we’ve been selling out races, and we’re booked through the end of the year.”

And the program has already attracted big-name racers, like Andrew Comrie-Picard, the X Games competitor best known for his dominance in the rally circuit. “As someone coming from another racing discipline, I know how important preparation is,” he said, “and with Speed Technologies everything is ready to go, the trucks are very well built and the crew is awesome.”

Although the driving style took some getting used to, Comrie-Picard placed third in his first SuperLite race. And he plans to run the truck again before the season is over. As for the future of the SuperLite class in the series, he likes the affordability.

“The truck is balanced and easily manageable, and the value of money in this series is awesome,” Comrie-Picard said. “I have sponsors, but this is a style of racing that anyone can get into without too much investment.”

Comrie-Picard’s experience racing SuperLite is typical. Singleton said he expects the bulk of the fleet in 2009 to go to racers who will reserve them for all seven series races.

“If You’re on the outside of this style of racing looking in, this is just about the only way to walk on and get a full racing experience without too much preparation or cost,” Singleton said. “Plus you get all of the benefits of racing in the SuperLite Championship – visibility for sponsors, TV time, etc.”

For single-race SuperLite rentals, racers pay a fixed $7,500. For the season (seven races), the cost is $52,500.

What racers get:
Fully prepared SuperLite Race Truck, delivered to the race venue ready for Friday qualifying, and Saturday and Sunday racing
Professional pit assignment
Race crew, including a designated chief and spotter
All race support equipment
Hospitality for driver and one guest
Signage for personal sponsors (limited to established space)
One set of race tires
Race fuel
Inclusion in series marketing and promotions
Inclusion in Lucas Oil Off Road Racing television coverage
Inclusion in SuperLite television series

* Drivers must provide their own Lucas Oil-approved race suit and helmet, and are responsible for damage beyond normal wear and tear.

The SuperLite Championship series is held at venues in California, Arizona and Nevada. Drivers compete for a portion of $80,000 in prize money over the course of the series.

For more information visit www.superlitechampionship.com/Arrive___Drive.html