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Bob Manchester in Austin

Mike King produced one hell of a video for Bob Manchester getting down at all the hot spots in Austin. A mixture of tricks, style, and height make Bob an above average rider. That might be an understatement. Watch and decide for yourself.

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Bern’s Liam Crivellaro at Skaters Edge

Jeff DuPaul has worked with Liam before and the resulting edit was more entertaining than half of the "pro" stuff I get in my inbox every day. Jeff met up with Liam and his dad Scott, owner/operator of tailwhips.org, at Skaters Edge for another edit and again it gets me more pumped up to ride than any other video. Like Jeff said, let this 12-year-old remind why you started riding in the first place.

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Alienation’s Dylan Stark

This is the best riding/worst production edit in the history of BMX. I guess. Dylan Stark goes hard for Alienation and I can barely see through the standard definition. How can this kid still be underrated in SoCal?

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