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Enduro and Super-D mountain bike racing

Two exciting events combine what we liked about mountain biking in the first place

The mountain bike evolution continues to expand with a recent rise in two new disciplines: Enduro and Super-D. Both have taken elements from classic mountain bike events to forge new and exciting competitions that riders and spectators alike are responding to.

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Inspiring new Race Face video

Get ready to call in sick

Check out the video above in which Simmons and Tippie flip Mother Nature the bird and make the most of winter—in both the snow and the dirt. Warning: you may be inspired to call in sick to work or school tomorrow.

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Fatbikes are here to stay

How a former Bike magazine editor--and fatbike resistor--was won over

"While fatbiking on the snow is generally much slower than riding dry trails, the lower friction and alien texture of snow–when conditions are good–replicates the sensation of ripping trails at full speed. It is a blast. Shallow pitches become technical descents, crashing doesn’t hurt nearly as much and power sliding corners has never been easier or more fun." --Ryan LaBar

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Bikers careen down bobsled track

The bobsled run at Winterberg, Germany, is more than 4,200-feet long with an elevation drop of 360 feet, and it is designed for bobsled, luge and skeleton racing. Could downhill mountain biking be next as a discipline on the solid ice surface? Probably not, but German downhill mountain bikers Andreas Sieber and Julian Gerhardt tested the track out for German bike maker Radon and got the "ultimate adrenaline kick." Check it out: Hmmm. Maybe one day we will see..

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Video offers sample of famous Enduro mountain bike race in France

"Now this is mountain biking!" three-time world champion downhill mountain bike racer Fabien Barel told Seb Kemp of Bike magazine. Kemp, during his quest to learn more about Enduro racing, rode with Barel and other leading mountain bike racers in a two-day, mini-version of the famous seven-day, 300-kilometer (186 miles) race that takes place in France every September. The sampler was called Mavic's mini-Trans-Provence and it took place in the Maritime Alps, a 20-minute drive..

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Video: Get ready for the 100th Tour de France

One Hundred. 100. Cent, Cento, Cien. However you choose to say it, 100 years is a helluva long time to be around. While seeing a few interruptions in its time, the Tour de France has outlasted many a generation, and as this preview clip shows, it looks to last quite a few more. Vive le Velo, Vive le Tour! For more on the Tour de France, head on over to Paved magazine.

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Teaser for mountain biking video ‘The Escape’ released

Bike magazine correspondent Seb Kemp has finished an assignment that is aptly titled "The Escape," as he rode 400 miles through bountiful British Columbia by circumnavigating the Georgia Strait and "stopping off in Squamish, Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Cumberland, Hornby Island, Parksville, Duncan, and Saturna Island," he wrote. The journey, which is documented in its entirety here, has provided ample opportunity for gorgeous, jealousy-inducing photos, and has produced many..

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