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Demonstration shows cycling reduces traffic

Latvian cyclists dress up bikes in the form of cars, ride during rush-hour traffic to show how much space can be saved if people commuted to work by cycling

Imagine if more people traded in their space-consuming cars and commuted to work on their bikes. That's the message of a cycling group in Latvia.

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Gear shifting tips from the Trail Doctor

'Knowing a bit about how to get your gear shifting working again can make the difference between having an enjoyable ride and one that is irritating at best'

Need to “sort out” the shifting on your mountain bike? Have no fear. The Trail Doctor is in. Bike guru Dan Milner returns with a second

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Danny MacAskill survives making of ‘The Ridge’

Parents worried their son might kill himself in latest video endeavor in which the stunt rider takes insane lines on Cuillin Ridge, and climbs Inaccessible Pinnacle

Scottish mountain biker Danny MacAskill takes death-defying lines, and shows the beauty of the Isle of Skye in his homeland of Scotland in newest video.

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