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Bike magazine weighs in on the new Santa Cruz Tallboy LTc

What's the best mountain bike out there? Experts will tell you there is no right answer to that question. After all, the mountain biking experience is different for everyone. What's good for the casual trail rider is hardly the right fit for the big mountain bomber. Skill level, of course, plays a vital role as well. And while all mountain bikers understand these variables well, they still yearn to know what the best "all around" bike is. Naturally, this causes great pains for..

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Freerider Brandon Semenuk shows off his new 5-acre dream property

If you were an outdoorsy kid, you probably had a sawdust mound or dirt pit that you frequented, in defiance of your mother's wishes, to while away the daylight hours on your bike. If so, get ready to be jealous of the newly purchased 5-acre property in British Columbia of mountain bike freerider Brandon Semenuk. It features jumps, a large trampoline, a chip pit, an air bag, and much more--and judging by the video below, it appears as if Semenuk's roof also serves as a worthy toy. Enjoy.

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Wanted: Chrome Cardiel ORP

Paved magazine correspondent Kevin Rouse waxes poetic on why Chrome's Cardiel ORP (Operation Readiness Pack) is fan-fricken-awesome: I'm a [smug]gler. My tool of choice, Chrome's fan-fricken-awesome Cardiel ORP (Operation Readiness Pack).My cargo? A screw-you attitude and a middle finger to the oppressive car culture found behind the Orange Curtain, otherwise known as the surreal land of Orange County, California.Smarminess aside, I've had the luxury of..

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