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Gecko born with two heads, six legs a ‘lucky’ find

Men in Thailand considered lucky to make discovery; many Thais believe deformed animals are supernatural, could lead to winning lottery numbers

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a “lucky” find; photo from the Phuket News Facebook page

A tiny baby gecko born with two heads and six legs was considered a lucky find for three men living in Patong, Thailand, since many Thais regard deformed animals as supernatural entities that might provide clues for winning lottery numbers, according to The Phuket News in Thailand, where superstition and supernatural beliefs are part of its culture.

“When my brother found it … one of its heads was still covered with eggshell,” one of the men, Ratchapol Pangsri, told The Phuket News. “It’s very small—about the length of a baby’s finger—and it was very weak.”

But since the men began feeding it ants and little bugs, “it looks much healthier now,” Pangsri said.

GeoBeats has the fascinating story about the find:

A gecko expert told The Phuket News that the discovery was “very unusual,” and that house geckos typically live about a year. “But I’m not sure about this one because it’s deformed,” Dr. Sansareeya Wangkulangkul told the paper.

The gecko is being kept in a green plastic bowl, and, if The Phuket News is accurate, will be examined closely for any clues about those winning lottery numbers.

We suspect numbers 2 and 6 will be among them. On second thought, maybe not, considering that in Thailand even numbers are considered bad luck.

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a

Gecko born with two heads, six legs a “lucky” find; photo from The Phuket News Facebook page

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