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    "that was the greatest vid i've ever seen"

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    is a more indepth version 20 min long"

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    above is a link to a tribute video
    we will not forget

    I knew him"

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  • First Ever Frontflip

    Charles and Thomas Pages from France are doing what some thought was impossible. Front flips on a motorcycle are nothing to be taken lightly. That is a lot of weight to move and, though I have not tried it, I assume you have to commit 100% pretty much like any trick or the consequences are going to be quite severe.

    That said, watch the video of the first ever landed front flip. Props to these guys and Jim DeChamp as well for risking their well being in the most hardcore of ways to get tricks like this done. Also, don't forget to check the Pages brothers' website...
    Brothers' Trip

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  • Jeremy Lusk's Funeral

    Jeremy Lusk Funeral
    Jermey Lusk's Funeral Services will be held at 1:00PM on Monday, February 16 at the Revival Christian Fellowship Church in Menifee, CA.
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  • Skull Candy Tribute to Jeremy Lusk

    Our Friends over at SkullCandy have put together this tribute to their fallen friend. Please take the time to watch it, and visit www.athleterecoveryfund.com.

  • Jeremy Lusk In Critical Condition

    In horribly crappy news, moto superstar Jeremy Lusk is in critical condition at Calderon Hospital after a terrible fall at the X Knights contest in San Jose, Costa Rica last night. He is currently in a medically induced coma after a 5 hour surgery to treat a subdural hematoma on the brain. For those of you who dont already have your phd, this means bleeding in the brain, caused by serious head trauma.

    As of now, doctors are waiting for the swelling in his brain to subside before they can assess the damage and hopefully move him back to a hospital in the US. His wife Lauren, and several friends, including Brian Deegan, flew to Costa Rica to be by his side today.

    An emergency fund to help defer the costs of Lusk's medical care has already been established and is set up to take donations immediately. Visit athleterecoveryfund.com and click on the ' make a donation' button. So far, x-rays on his neck and spine have been negative. He under-rotated an Indian Air Backflip causing him to slam into the dirt head frist. The video of the crash is below. Not for the faint of heart.

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  • R.I.P. Jeremy Lusk 11/26/1984 - 02/09/2009

    jeremy lusk
    Freestyle Motocross Star Dies

    Jeremy Lusk, of Temecula, CA, has died after he under-rotated a Hart Attack backflip and slammed head first into the dirt on Saturday, Feb. 7 in Costa Rica. He sustained severe brain damage and a possible spinal cord injury, said Jorge Ramirez, chief of the intensive care unit at Calderon Hospital.

    Lusk survived an initial surgery late Saturday night that was intended to stem brain swelling, even though his chances of surviving the procedure were low.

    "He was in a medicine-induced coma as a protective measure, and the medicine was being reduced to see how his organism responded," said Ramirez.

    "That didn't mean he was going to wake up. He was in shock and that got worse last night, until he stopped responding and entered into cardiac and respiratory failure."

    He died with wife, Lauren, his parents, and friends at his side at approximately 11:30 PM PST.

    Lusk had just come off an incredibly successful 2008 season, in which he took home Freestyle gold and Best Trick silver at the X Games, and in the process landed the first ever double grab Hart Attack backflip. He also won both Freestyle and Best Trick gold at the X Games Mexico, finished third overall in Freestyle on the '08 Dew Tour, and earned a bronze helmet at the Moto X World Championships.

    A trust has been set up in his memory, and donations can be made through the Athlete Recovery fund, www.athleterecoveryfund.com. Jeremy Lusk will be sorely missed and the staff at GrindTV offers our deepest condolences to his family and friends. Please visit his blog for more details. http://prayforjeremylusk.blogspot.com/

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