• O_o

    Lives In:Spickard, Missouri
    United States
    Birthday:September 26, 1993
    Heroes:Kat von d., Haley Williams, superman o.O, the jokerr!
    Music:Scream, Techno, Electric, Alternative, Rock, Ect...
    Movies:scary, funni.
  • About

    Ermm... O.o.. ok tbh with all u guys. this thing kinda freaks me out! so mny little gurls on this! imean seriously dude! ermm i lov meh music! i love my friends (which im very prtective of) im a very funn outgoing person haha. wannabez kill me! haha its great intertainment. ermm more about mee idfk dude! seriously i have no idea what to put in this box.... so if u wna kno just ask... i doubt if i'll give meh numbr out to ne1... soo idk if u shuld evn bothr on asking.. like as if ur kewl nd stuff but yeah ... idrc.. i might give it out nd i might not. i have msn. again i might give it to u nd i might not. its basically a waiste uf time tho coz im not on all the time... ermm yeah idk soo Biee ppl/////