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    Name:Shawna Henderson
    Lives In:Breckenridge, Colorado
    United States
    Birthday:August 12, 1979
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    I am a world adventure traveler. From whitewater kayaking in South America, surfing in Hawaii, kite boarding in Colombia, Canyoning in Switzerland, International adventure races in Mexico and big mountain snowboarding competitions in Canada. I have always followed my passions for travel and adventure sports. I found that the less you worry the more you get accomplished in life.

    Out of college it was my dream to market ski resorts. I made that dream a reality with an amazing job with Playground Destination properties. After the downfall of the real estate boom and bankruptcy of their biggest client, I turned to marketing and group sales in Breckenridge, Colorado. The job took me places, but I felt a desire to create and find my own niche while helping others find new places and experiences around the world. After 2 years, documenting adventure destinations around the world, video blogging about adventure sports, I begin creating my own adventure travel show called Adrenaline Escapes which will be shown on Travel and Escape.ca.

    I have always been a travel journal writer passionate about sharing insights about destinations with other travelers. It is my dream and vision to give others the confidence to go out and become a part of something big by meeting locals, learning tricks of the trade and valuable insights from experienced bloggers. Now is the time to break out of your daily routine and comfort zone. Are you ready to get a little wild and learn how to travel adventurously?
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    Teaser Reel

    Teaser Reel

    3 years ago


    Jibbing at Woodward

    Jibbing at Woodward

    3 years ago



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