• WAY After Afterlame with Travis Parker and Guilluame Morriset

    Giom Mid Backflip

    Monday Funday: Way After Afterlame with Travis Parker and Giom Morriset

    Video/Blog by Guilluame Morriset

    On yet another nice, casual sunny day in Lake Tahoe, Travis and myself decided to meet up at Northstar for a little afternoon riding session. I hadn' (TM)t seen Travis since the year when we filmed Afterlame, the third Robot Food project.

    Bird Whistlin' Travis

    I learned that day that Travis hasn' (TM)t lost his skills at all. He is still a rider of his own uniqueness. Easily, we can see that his riding is very similar to the movements of an eel, or maybe even electric eel. He's flexible, can change directory in a quick, random second and flows effortlessly around the available space.

    The fun didn't stop after the runs. Travis shared his funny, unique thoughts during the chairlift and exemplified quality bird-style whistling.

    If pictures are worth a thousand words, then a video has 30 images/sec so watch this lil' (TM) video and it' (TM)ll be worth a billion words. -Giom


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