• My Info

    Name:alexander cobb
    Nickname:alex make it rain cobb
    Lives In:cheltenham.
    elkins park, Pennsylvania
    United States
    Birthday:January 6, 1998
    Heroes:rob dyrdeck and kanye west
    Music:rap rock and party music
    Movies:street dreams, sex drive, american pie land2 and the black night
    Shows:rob and big, rob dyrdecks fantasy factory, bams holy union,being terry Kennedy, life of Ryan,built to shred,and jersey shore.
  • lonely freestyle unforgettable life

    real friends are the ones whos feeling might surface at your moments of sorrow they wont tell anyone that you needed to barrow some clothes they wont ever put you down for those hoes some may chill with you every day but go tell someone your gay and at those desperate moment you thank about that other friend who always wanted you to win to keep you off that weed so that you'll succeed who will tell others look at that guy his children will be a swagerific breed so now give me what i need a true friend all of the above no gay stuff but one that will show me nothing but love ill pray until that day but until then f you is what ill say unforgettable Alex keep me in your memoray.