• Alpinestars Presents: The Always Ride Free / Universal Music Collab

    In partnership with Universal Music, Astars has produced the fast paced thrilling "Always Ride Free" music video DVD.

    The Always Ride Free music video DVD features exciting footage of top Astars athletes, blended with the music videos of some of today's freshest acts. Covering Wake, BMX, Surf, FMX, and Drift/Rally, athletes such as, Nathaniel Curran, Chad Kagy, Kyle Loza, Vaughn Gittin Jr., Josh Palma and many many more go all out to the sounds of some of Universal Music's best. Pusha T and Tyler the Creator, The Limousines, Black Tide, Killer Mike featuring T.I., and Mac Miller provide the soundtrack for over 30 minutes of action.

    Free with any Astars purchase of $25 or more. At participating retailers, while supplies last.

    Channels: SurfSnowMotoBikeMore

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