• A Historic Gold For Shaun

    White Gold
    Shaun White threw it down today at the X Games, not only did he win the Gold in Snowboard Slopestyle, his run was the highest scoring run in the X Slopestyle history. The reason for this all boils down to one thing, the channel jump. White was the only rider to gap the channel jump, and that's that, another Gold for Shaun White.
    Here's a list of what he stuck in his run: Backside lipslide on the down rail, front 270 over the kink, back 180 up the butter box, cab 5 off, backside rodeo off the boner box kicker, cab 1080, backside 720 over the channel gap, to finish it off with a frontside 1080.
    Next up for White is the Superpipe, which he has been known destroy.
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