• My Info

    Nickname:black panda
    Lives In:behind the old walmart
    the street is off center behind some of my pot head buddies
    sacromento, California
    United States
    Birthday:August 23, 1995
    Heroes:i dont know whos my hero
    Music:trance rave rock technoe metal heavy metal skreamo the good stuff
    Movies:crank2 twilght new moon how high lets go to prison fight club accepted
    Shows:boondocks family guy american dad robs fantasy factory
  • About

    im devin the awsomeest guy around im the coolest nerd or the nerdest cool person you decidee i skate and im hella good at it im the shit i could be freinds with any1 as long as you have a awsome personality i could be freinds with saton for all i care cus he could be a cool guy i dont judge people i wuold tell them how it is and tell the truth and if its comes down to protecting them i wuold lie but not lie for sumthin retard(: