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    Lives In:Alabama
    United States
    Birthday:January 1, 1996
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    recording artist- independent
    New York to Chicago, just got on the radio- "American Starz" and "Taking Control"....in El Paso FM, MTV internet radio, XM Satellite, Kiss FM picked it up, but we'll see...
    reviewed as "unique" by Side-Line Magazine, Pop talk says he is interesting.
    God says your dead if you don't listen....shhhhhhhhhh.
    get the album "Model Male" by MikeAlike @iTunes and Amazon MP3
    working on a third video for "Neurobotic" and got nominated by the "Gay" video underground club community for an award a "PILL" Award NYC 09'.
    I don't like Pop Music or commercialized, saturated fucking bullshit...
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    "Shame-MindGames" by MikeAlike

    "Shame-MindGames" by MikeA..

    6 years ago



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