• Does anyone from MX.com still use this site? I think the switch is bull. message me if anyone is still on.
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    Name:Jeremiah Burke
    Lives In:Albuquerque, New Mexico
    Birthday:May 4, 1992
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    My name is Jeremiah Burke,a senior at Sandia High. and to mention one of my greatest friends ever. Rachael. she calls me cookie. (inside joke but it's my coolest nickname.) plus she's the best little sister in the whole world.
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    Posted by rachaelmx June 9, 2010 12:36pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    wow. did they change this whole website. i think i just spent an hour trying t login in? haha


    Reply by burke753 June 9, 2010 11:08pm PDTReport Abuse

    haha. Yeah it sucks. Im glad you got on though. Im glad i got on. haha. Dont want to miss you. I havent talked you in a while. whats going on? how've you been?


    Posted by motocrazy January 15, 2010 10:40pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    thanks alot...You've been a big help mann....:)


    Posted by motocrazy January 11, 2010 09:52pm PSTReply | Report Abuse

    ight dude.... thanks for your advice...cant wait to try everything everyone has told me! My forks need redone and my rear is done hard but damping thing is soft on it........ Wrecked and broke my arm in August and am hoping to have advanced alot on it! I bought the bike a month before my crash and jumping from a trail 4-stroke to a racing 2-stroke really threw me for a loop and showed me i knew no where near as much as i thought i did! I mastered 4-strokes though......2-strokes are a whole different ball game though!


    Posted by motogurl333 October 7, 2009 01:13pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    ahhh i fliped my damn wheeler when i was riden and i fucked up the air filter and one of the wheeles and some other stuff:( it was fun tho lmao i was goin way too fast in a corner on a track hahaha so what u been up to???:)


    Posted by rachaelmx August 21, 2009 01:52pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    haha i no right?! i can txt u while im in the shower now!!!! lol


    Posted by rachaelmx August 17, 2009 12:49pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    haha well i already told u my fone went for a swim :P lol other than that i was gooood


    Posted by rachaelmx August 14, 2009 07:57am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    im always goodQ!!!! and ALWAYS stay outta trouble cookie! gezzz have faith in me! :P


    Posted by rachaelmx August 12, 2009 07:01am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    OMFG! i wrotwe the longesdt comment on ur page and when i went to hit post coment my computer shut down! lol


    Posted by rachaelmx August 7, 2009 10:28am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hahahah awwwwww cookie ur soo awesome!!!!!!! lol :) MY COOKIE!!!! hehe


    Posted by chadatious July 20, 2009 06:55am PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey mate hows you, i finally got my rm mecanically great, its keeping up with the 2008 450fs so i think there something done to it i dont know about lmao, but its starting to look good blue rims next, so did u get new bike in end?


    Posted by motogurl333 May 12, 2009 12:40pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey i havent been on here in a long time lol wats up???


    Posted by motogurl333 April 11, 2009 04:58pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hey wats up?


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 08:43pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    ya LOL thats good hope you can race this year


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 08:37pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    hope it feels better


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 08:32pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    ya u dont want to hurt your self even mnore


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 08:22pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    have you got your bike yet


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 07:59pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    wow hey are there new owers for this site


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 07:41pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    ic have you raced latley


    Posted by monster416 April 9, 2009 06:33pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    What r u doing


    Posted by ianamor April 9, 2009 12:15pm PDTReply | Report Abuse

    she knowa what its about and if not she should she was givin my friend shit so i fought bac for her and then she started giving me shit so fuck off

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